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Our common ancestors - Herbert - Contents

The Cedars of Lebanon

at Wilton, and later Mount Merrion

The Cedars of Lebanon at Wilton House.
This is looking E (the E facade of the house is behind the camera).
On the LHS is the Millennium Fountain.
Photo 2003. See full size.

The Cedars of Lebanon at Wilton were planted by the 4th Earl in the 1630s.
These trees, which still stand at Wilton, are now over 350 years old.

From 1903 to 1914 Sir Nevile Wilkinson resided at Mount Merrion House, Co.Dublin.
He planted on the lawn there cuttings from the cedars at Wilton, "to celebrate their coming and the birth of their eldest daughter" [Wilkinson, 1925].
These do not survive.

The Cedars of Lebanon on the S lawn at Wilton.
On the RHS is part of the W end of the house.
Photos 2003.
(Left) See full size.
(Right) See full size.

The tree opposite the church at Mount Merrion

There is an unusually tall tree opposite the new church entrance at Mount Merrion.
Does this come from Sir Nevile Wilkinson's time there? See image searches for:

The tall tree opposite the church entrance, Mount Merrion.
Behind the stables.
Photo 2012. See full size.
See 2004 shot.

Aerial view of Mount Merrion.
From here.
The tall tree is in centre-right (on grass behind the stables).

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