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"Ard Soluis", Kingswood, Clondalkin, Co.Dublin

Kingswood (front of house), 1942.
Note no lawn laid out yet.
See full size.

"Ard Soluis", Kingswood, was designed and built by Dick Humphreys 1934-35.
Tommy O'Brien said he got a Mr. Olin, a plumber, further down on Pearse St, to build it.
The fireplace (which has since been removed) has date "1934".
The family moved in c.Feb 1935.
Dick died 1968.
Citywest Business Campus (or via here) was established to the S of the house 1990.
Dick's widow Eithne died 1995.

SAP Ireland opened their new Irish headquarters just S of the house in 2001 (NOT 1997).
This is a branch of SAP, Europe's largest software company.
Address: 1012-1014 Kingswood Ave, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24.

The Humphreys family sold Ard Soluis to the adjoining Citywest think 2001.
Bright Horizons child care centre was built right beside Ard Soluis 2003, just before the entrance (i.e. on the NE side).
Address: 4008-4010 Kingswood Rd, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 22.

Ard Soluis has been in ruins from about 2001 to date.
There is currently a plan to demolish it and build a housing estate.
It still exists in ruins as at 2014.

Location of Ard Soluis, Kingswood.
The 3-pronged building is SAP building. Ard Soluis is just N of it.
Click to toggle map/satellite view. Click to zoom in/out. Drag to move.
From Google Maps.
See street view at entrance gate.

Location of Ard Soluis, Kingswood.
View from E.
Ard Soluis is "The Site".
Old Naas Rd is front RHS. New Naas Rd is back RHS.
SAP building under construction to LHS.
See larger and full size.

Ard Soluis on [OSI] map, before SAP building built.
New Naas Rd is on top LHS.
Entrance to Ard Soluis off old Naas Rd.
See fields on 1887 to 1913 map.

Kingswood under construction, 1934. From the front (S side).

Kingswood under construction, 1934. From the back (N side).

Early photo of Kingswood from the road (from the N, back of house visible, avenue curves round to the far side of the building to the front door).

Kingswood, under construction, 1934-5. The W facing porch.

Kingswood from an airplane, from the SW, shortly after it was built, c.1935. Note the old Naas Rd (the old Dublin - SW Ireland road).

The garden wall to the SW side, c.1937.

Laying out the lawn at the front (S side) of the house.

Kingswood. The W facing porch.

Kingswood in ruins.
Photo 2012 from S side (SAP building).
See full size and other shot.

Planning notice proposing demolition of Kingswood.
Photo 2012.
See full size.

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