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Thomond - Thomond no.4

Thomond no.4

Thomond no.4. With Dick.
This is [P106/591(2)].
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Thomond no.4.
Kingswood, under construction, 1934-35.
Eoige running.

Thomond no.4.
Kingswood, 1935-36.
David and Eoige.

Thomond no.4.
Number plate ZI 9722.
Kingswood, 1935-36.
Eithne, Eoige and David.

Dudley Colley

Dudley Colley was supposed to have bought the engine from Thomond no.4.

Henry FitzGeorge Colley,
descendant of James IV, King of Scotland and of Edward III,
mar Elizabeth Isabella Wingfield [descendant of Edward I],
had issue:

  1. Florence Isabella Pomeroy Colley,
    mar Henry Cole Bowen [of Bowen's Court, Farahy, near Kildorrery, Co.Cork],
    had issue:

    1. Elizabeth Bowen,
      the author, born 7th June 1899, Dublin,
      see her descent from Edward III by Ed Mann,
      she inherited Bowen's Court, lived there for a time,
      sold it, it was demolished 1959,
      died 22nd Feb 1973, age 73 yrs.

  1. George Pomeroy Arthur Colley,
    mar Edith Maud Olivia Finlay [of Corkagh House, Clondalkin, Co.Dublin],
    had issue:

    1. Dudley Colley [George Dudley Pomeroy Colley],
      born 19th Sept 1911,
      lived Corkagh House,
      author of [Colley, 1951],
      died 25th Feb 1959, age 47 yrs,
      Corkagh House sold 1960, now demolished,
      had issue:

      1. Finlay Colley.
      2. Tony Colley.


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