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My ancestors - Kickham - Contents

John Heffernan

John Heffernan,
Jack, born 1881,
inherited Knockelly Castle 1903,
mar think 1903 to Mary Heffernan [born 1880, of Drangan House, Cahir, a cousin of his],
he died 1960, age 79 yrs,
she died 1961, age 81 yrs,
had issue:

  1. Christie Heffernan,
    mar Kathleen Meagher
    and had issue:

    1. Geraldine Heffernan,
      mar 1stly and had issue:
      1. Eoin Duffy.
      mar 2ndly to Stephen Berry.

    2. Patricia Heffernan, mar Patrick Hickey and had issue:
      1. Garret Hickey.
      2. Fenella Hickey.
      3. Sabine Hickey.
      4. Gavin Hickey.
    3. Frank Heffernan, mar Tina Geer and had issue:
      1. Robert Heffernan.
      2. Hazel Heffernan.
    4. Christine Heffernan, mar Ned Morris and had issue:
      1. Marcus Morris.
      2. Ashling Morris.
      3. Adele Morris.
      4. Clodagh Morris.
      5. Teddy Morris.

  2. Michael Heffernan, mar Josie Norris and had issue:
    1. Mary Heffernan.
    2. Michael Heffernan, mar Mary ----.
    3. Donal Heffernan, mar ----.
    4. Patrick Heffernan.

  3. Patrick Heffernan, mar Mary Foley and had issue:
    1. Mary Heffernan, mar Andrew Torrie and had issue:
      1. 4 daus, Torrie.
      2. 1 son, Torrie.
    2. Irene Heffernan, mar --- Ho and had issue:
      1. 4 children, Ho.
    3. John Heffernan.
    4. Jacqueline Heffernan.

  4. Tess Heffernan.

  5. Josie Heffernan, mar Douglas Sim and had issue:
    1. Andrew Sim.
    2. Rosemary Sim.

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