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My ancestors - Kickham - Contents

John Kickham Heffernan

John Kickham Heffernan,
born 1839, J.P.,
of Cuckoo Hill, near Cahir, Co.Tipperary,
mar Margaret McGrath [of Mountrivers, Affane par, nr Cappoquin, Co. Waterford],
he died 1919, age 80 yrs,
had issue:

  1. Patrick Heffernan,
    Dr. Paddy Heffernan,
    born 13 May 1878, Cuckoo Hill,
    mar Winifred ----,
    researcher of local and family history,
    author of [Heffernan, 1940] and [Heffernan, 1958] and other works,
    had issue:

    1. Mortimer Heffernan.
    2. Myles Heffernan.
    3. John Heffernan.

  2. John Heffernan,
    John F., Jack, born 1881,
    of Cuckoo Hill,
    inherited Knockelly Castle 1903.

  3. Michael Heffernan, T.D., Leader of the Farmers' Party.
    Michael Richard Heffernan, born 3 Apr 1885.
    When young he was a fine sportsman. Competed in national athletics (sprinting) under the name Richard Heffernan.
    He played rugby for Cork Constitution rugby club. (Though he was from Co.Tipperary not Cork.)
    Played rugby for Munster and Ireland. Played 4 times for Ireland.
    [Kickham family tree] says after an Ireland-England rugby match one English press report said: "Heffernan was about the best forward on the Irish team, but what a coarse Christian that Cork man is".
    He studied Agriculture at Glasnevin.
    He might be "Michael Heffernan" who is listed as a lodger in Skibbereen, Co.Cork, in [Census, 1911]. This person is "bank official", age 25, born Co.Tipperary.
    He emigrated to Canada shortly before 1914 to take up an offer in banking.
    When WWI broke out in 1914, he joined the Canadian Army. He was posted to Europe. He didn't see much service because of illness. He was invalided out. Returned to Ireland.
    Settled at Kilmurry Lodge, Ballyneale, Co.Tipperary.
    He purchased Kilmurry (would be c.1920) from the estate of Laurence Kickham (died 1917).
    He mar Stastia Morrissey, no issue.

    Farmers' Party political career:
    He joined the Farmers' Party (or Farmers' Union) in 1922 or 1923.
    The Farmers' Party was founded 1922 and led by Denis Gorey. The party first won seats in June 1922 election.
    TD for Co.Tipperary, 1923-1932:
    Michael was elected TD for the Farmers' Party in 1923 election.
    Leader of Farmers' Party, 1927-1932:
    Michael became leader of the Farmers' Party in 1927. He was leader at the June 1927 election. He was re-elected a TD.
    He was re-elected a TD again in Sept 1927 election. After this election, the Farmers' Party joined Cumann na nGaedhael in a coalition government.
    Junior Minister, 1930-1932:
    From 3 Apr 1930 to 29 Jan 1932 he was Parliamentary Secretary (junior minister) to Ernest Blythe, the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs.
    He was still leader of the Farmers' Party at the 1932 election, but lost his seat.
    The Farmers' Party re-formed with others as the National Centre Party.
    Michael retired from politics.

    He played no further role in Irish politics, but remained a regular contributor to the letters page of the Irish Times.
    He became the first manager of Arklow Pottery,
    He farmed at Kilmurry Lodge for many years.
    Eventually sold Kilmurry and moved to Blackrock, Co.Dublin.
    He organised the plaque to honour his relative Charles Kickham at the house where he died, Montpelier Place, Dun Laoghaire.
    He died 21 Nov 1970, age 85 yrs, NOT 1973.
    See and

  4. Dr. Edward Heffernan, OBE,
    Eddie, born 7 July 1889,
    in WWI he enlisted in the Royal Navy as a naval doctor,
    served in China and the West Indies and Malta,
    mar 1916 to Gladys Thrift,
    he was awarded the O.B.E. in WW2 for his services and bravery as PMO (principal medical officer) of Malta Dockyard during the long Siege of Malta (1940-43),
    after World War 2 he retired from the navy,
    took up private practice in Ophthalmology in Croydon, London,
    he died 16 April 1980, age 90 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. Ann Heffernan, born 1918,
      mar --- de Dadelsen and had issue:
      1. Michelle de Dadelsen.

  5. Kathy Heffernan,
    mar Dr. John Hirst and had issue:
    1. Desiree Hirst [dau].
    2. Michael Hirst, of Paris.

  6. James Heffernan,
    Jim, of Cuckoo Hill,
    mar Eileen Kilvey, no issue.
    He was a bloodstock breeder.
    He bred many winners on the track and in the showring.
    He bred Nicolaus Silver, the winner of the Grand National in 1961.
    He bred other Gold Cup contestants.

  7. Angela Heffernan, did not marry.

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