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My ancestors - Lyons - Contents


Dr. Francis Falvey listed in 3 Lower Castle St, Tralee, in [Slater's, 1870, p.232].

Charles Falvey,
shop keeper,
alive as at son's marriage 1874,
had issue:

  1. Dr. Francis Falvey,
    Francis Joseph Falvey, listed as "Frank Joseph Falvey" at dau Julia's mar,
    born 1845, Co.Kerry [according to age given at mar and in census].
    He was doctor, MD, in Tralee, Co.Kerry.
    Census lists him as Physician and Surgeon, LRCP and S Edinburgh.
    Lived 3 Lower Castle St, Tralee.
    Listed in 3 Lower Castle St, Tralee, in [Slater's, 1870].
    Listed as "medical doctor", Castle St, Tralee, at mar.

    He mar 1874 to Mary Ellen Lyons [bapt 3 Sept 1854].
    They were living Tralee at children's bapts 1875 to 1891.
    Francis Joseph Falvey, MD, 3 Lower Castle St, Tralee, listed in voters of Tralee 1880-81.
    Listed at Castle St, Tralee, in [Bassett's, 1880-81].
    Living Castle St, Tralee, at children's bapts 1880 to 1884.
    Living Denny St, Tralee, at son's bapt 1891.
    Appointed as one of the magistrates for Co.Kerry, 19 Dec 1893.
    He gave expert evidence in a murder trial in Dec 1894.
    1901 census lists him as Justice of the Peace.
    They are listed on Denny St in 1901 census. They have one servant living with them.
    Francis had a large private practice. Held many positions in Co.Kerry.
    Medical Officer of Tralee Workhouse Hospital. Medical Officer of Tralee Fever Hospital. Prison doctor at Kerry County Gaol.
    Consulting Medical Officer to Tralee Urban Council.
    Physician to Great Southern and Western Railway.
    Described as MD, of Denny St, at death.

    Francis dies, 1904:
    He died Fri 22 Apr 1904, age 59 yrs, at his house, Denny St, after a short bout of influenza.
    See obituary in Cork Examiner, Sat 23 Apr 1904.
    Funeral Mon 25 Apr 1904, bur Clogherbrien cemetery, near Tralee.
    See obituary and funeral list in Killarney Echo, April 30, 1904.
    Admin of estate granted 18 July 1904. See image from here.

    Mary Ellen moved to Dublin.
    She is listed in 1911 census as widow, living 23 Hollybank Ave, Ranelagh, Co.Dublin (see old map and modern map). Note that census house numbering here is same as normal house numbering.
    This may have been only a temporary address. Falvey is not listed at that address in either [Thom's, 1910] or [Thom's, 1914].
    Mary Ellen was alive in the 1927-1936 period, either living with her son John Charles in Belfast or visiting him.
    Francis and Mary Ellen had issue:

    1. Charles Michael Falvey, born 22 February 1875,
      bapt 24 February 1875 [Tralee RC par records], sp Michael Lyons and Hanna Falvey.

    2. Mary Falvey, born 20 September 1876,
      bapt 4 Oct 1876 [Tralee RC par records], sp John Falvey and Honora Lyons,
      died young (there is another Mary).

    3. Julia Falvey, born 4 Nov 1877, Co.Kerry,
      would be after grandmother,
      bapt 7 November 1877 [Tralee RC par records], sp John Lyons and Hannah Falvey.
      Listed as Julia Mary Falvey in 1901 census, living at home.
      Listed as "Julia Gladys Falvey" and "Julia Gladys (Dudu)" at mar and death in 1903.
      Listed at mar 1903 as living 13a Upper Woburn Place, St Pancras parish, London (see map).
      She mar Apr 1903, London, to William Charles Lyon [born 4 Sept 1862].
      Her husband was English and Protestant (and also illegitimate). Would have been a highly unusual marriage for a Kerry Catholic in those days.
      She died within months, in Sept 1903. No issue.
      Listed at death 1903 as "Eldest surviving daughter" of Dr. Falvey.
      Tim Lyon says: "I am sorry to say it but I gather that Julia's death was regarded at the time as retribution for marrying a Protestant!"

    4. Francis Joseph Falvey, born 1 May 1879, Co.Kerry,
      bapt 7 May 1879 [Tralee RC par records], sp Thomas Scollard and Elizabeth Regan,
      at home in 1901 census, listed as Medical undergaduate at think TCD,
      not listed in medical directory in [Thom's] 1905 or 1910 or 1914, may have died.

    5. Jane Falvey, born 15 June 1880, Co.Kerry,
      bapt 22 June 1880 [Tralee RC par records], sp Jeremiah Falvey and Catherine Falvey,
      listed as Janetta Falvey in 1901 census, living at home.

    6. Mary Falvey, born 13 December 1882, Co.Kerry,
      bapt 20 December 1882 [Tralee RC par records], sp John Falvey and Sarah Lyons,
      at home in 1901 census.

    7. John Charles Falvey, born 11 June 1884, Co.Kerry,
      bapt 15 June 1884 [Tralee RC par records], sp Laurence Lyons and Honora Burke.
      At home in 1901 census.
      He wit his sister Julia's mar in London in 1903.
      Worked in Irish Land Commission.
      Living with mother in 1911 census. Listed as "Civil Servant (Irish Land Commission)", unmarried.
      London Gazette, 2 May 1913, p.3170, reports his appointment as "Assistant Clerk (Abstractor)" in Irish Land Commission.
      He may be John C. Falvey, listed at The Bungalow, 57 Highfield Rd, Rathgar, Co.Dublin, in alphabetic list in [Thom's, 1914].
      (Though street directory in [Thom's, 1914, p.1862] lists Denis Boland in The Bungalow. Boland may be previous occupant. Note The Bungalow was listed as vacant in [Thom's, 1910, p.1831].)
      He worked in Belfast.
      London Gazette, 7 June 1935, p.3734, shows him working for the Land Purchase Commission, Northern Ireland.
      He and family left Belfast 1936.
      Worked until retirement in Crown Lands offices in Whitehall, London.
      Lived in Wimbledon.
      He died close to 1974, age close to 90.
      He had issue:

      1. Basil Falvey.
      2. 8 other children, Falvey.

    8. Dermot Falvey, born 2 October 1891, Co.Kerry,
      bapt 12 October 1891 [Tralee RC par records], sp Francis Falvey and Julia Falvey,
      at home in 1901 census,
      listed as "Dermott Francis" in 1911 census, living with mother, "Clerk (National Bank)".

      1911 census says (crossed out) that they had 10 children, 4 still living in 1911.


Dr. Francis Falvey listed in Castle St, Tralee, in [Bassett's, 1880-81, p.314].

Dr. Francis Falvey listed as one of the magistrates for Co.Kerry.
From p.20 of Parliamentary papers, Volume 82, 1895.

The somewhat confused reference to the Falveys of Tralee by Patricia Lavelle.
From p.16 of [PAT/12].


Must be related


William Falvey, draper, 3 Lower Castle St, Tralee, in [Henry & Coghlan's directory, 1867, p.363].


Miscellaneous Falvey of Tralee

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