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My wife's ancestors - Maltass - Contents


Originally from England.
Part of the European community in Turkey. See Historical background.

(Left) Charlton Whittall.
(Right) Magdaleine Giraud.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.
Giraud portrait is also in [Giraud, 1934].

Charlton Whittall,
born 4 July 1791, Liverpool,
went to Smyrna (for commerce) 1809 (age 18),
founded C. Whittall and Co., Smyrna, 1811,
mar 1814 to Magdaleine Giraud [born 22 Apr 1790],
lived family home, "The Big House", Bournabat (Bornova), nr Smyrna [originally bought in 1820 by his brother James, who died relatively young],
The Big House was Whittall family home for generations,
he and his wife entertained King Otho of Greece (see here) at The Big House 1833,
built the "English church", Bornova 1857 (the Anglican church of St.Mary Magdalene, consecrated 1864), wonder if named after his wife,
she died 1861, age 71 yrs,

in 1863 he entertained at his house the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Aziz (reigned 1861-76), The Big House is described as "the country home of Charlton Whittall", i.e. he also had a town house in Smyrna,
see [Kalcas, 1983] on the visit, which quotes [Woods, 1924],
see also visit of Gertrude Bell to the house 1902, and later her diary of 7 Apr 1907 notes on a visit to Edward Whittall that: "Abdul Aziz stayed with his grandfather and after the visit the Turks flocked to kiss the place where he had stood and slept",

he died 18 June 1867, age 75 yrs,
note [Kalcas, 1983] confuses the deaths of his brother James with that of his son James,
had issue:

  1. Charlton Arthur Whittall,
    born 1816, Smyrna.

  2. James Whittall, of "The Big House", Bornova,
    born 20 Oct 1819, Smyrna.

Charlton Whittall.
See full size. Photo courtesy of Stephen Sheaffe.

Grave of Magdaleine Giraud.
Anglican cemetery, Bornova.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

The Anglican church of St.Mary Magdalene, Bornova

The Anglican church of St.Mary Magdalene, Bornova. See location on map.

The Anglican church of St.Mary Magdalene, Bornova.
See full size. From here.

The Anglican church of St.Mary Magdalene, Bornova.
From here at

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