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My wife's ancestors - Maltass - Contents

William Maltass

Grave of William George Maltass and his wife Eliza Jackson.
Anglican cemetery, Buca.
See full size. From here.
See 2001 photo courtesy of Sandy White.
See other shot and other shot. From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

William Maltass,
lived for time in England,
returned to Smyrna,
mar 4th Sept 1806, Smyrna [LDS IGI] to Mary Barker,
died pre-1844,
had issue:

  1. Eliza Maltass,
    must be "Eliza Melita Maltass" who was "born at Malta", and bapt 3rd July 1807 [British Chaplaincy, Smyrna],
    mar Frederick Hönischer [he seems to have wit a wedding in Smyrna on 3rd Apr 1856].

  2. William Maltass,
    William George Maltass, born 11 July 1809,
    mar Eliza Jackson,
    he died 9 Feb 1862, age 52 yrs,
    she died think 1885,
    both bur Anglican cemetery, Buca, beautiful gravestone,
    had issue:

    1. Mary Eliza Maltass, born 18th Nov 1851, Smyrna [LDS IGI].
      She must be "Mary Eliza Maltass" (or "Mary Maltass") who mar 1875, Smyrna, to Edward Whittall and had issue.

    must also be parents of:

    1. Thomas Jackson Maltass,
      middle name must come from Eliza Jackson,
      mar what would be his 1st cousin Mary Louisa Maltass,
      he would be Thomas J. Maltass, who wrote family history letter dated from Constantinople, 11 Mar 1892.

  3. Lydia Maltass [Lydia Mary],
    mar Edward La Fontaine [born 1806] and had issue.

  4. Henry John Maltass, listed in [Rees family papers].
  5. Emma Maltass, listed in [1844 letter].
  6. Maria Maltass, mar Samuel Hollis Anthony.

  7. Sophia Maltass [NOT Sophice],
    mar Augustin Cousinery [or poss. Coutinery, merchant].

  8. Edward Maltass [Edward Arthur],
    born c.1817, British Chaplaincy [presumably place of bapt rather than birth], Smyrna [LDS Ancestral File],
    or 1818 [LDS IGI].

  9. Sidney Maltass,
    of Smyrna,
    Sidney Herbert Maltass, born 9 Jan 1820, NOT Sydney,
    interesting similarity with the name of his in-law, his aunt Susan's nephew, Sidney Herbert, later 1st Baron Herbert of Lea, who had recently been born 1810, and would much later be Secretary for War in the Crimean War in the area,
    mar Lydia Mary Hanson [born 1824, dau of Edward Hanson, of London],
    "Sidney H. Maltass" wrote an account of the production of the plant scammony near Smyrna in the American Journal of Pharmacy, vol.26, 1854, p.139 to p.146,
    Lydia died 3 Sept 1860, age 36 yrs,
    he died 5 Aug 1865, age 45 yrs, leaving 4 children orphans,
    both bur Anglican cemetery, Buca,
    had issue:
    1. 4 children, Maltass, born pre-1860, orphaned in 1865.

  10. Louisa Maltass [Louisa Jane].

Grave of Sidney Herbert Maltass.
Anglican cemetery, Buca.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

Grave of Lydia Mary Hanson.
Anglican cemetery, Buca.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

Maltass in [LDS IGI]:

George Maltass, mar Eliza --- and had issue
(poss. William George Maltass and Eliza Jackson above?):

  1. Edith Mary Maltass, born 16th Feb 1850, Turkey.

Maltass in the Ancestry World Tree:

Edith Maltass, of Smyrna,
mar 1919 to Josiah Wedgwood [born 1893, see ancestors, descendant of this Wedgwood family and of Henry I]
and had issue:

  1. Josiah Wedgwood, born 1921, died 1921 [see ancestors].

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