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My ancestors - Mangan - Contents

Rev. Dominic Mangan

Rev. Dominic Mangan.
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Rev. Dominic Mangan,
born Tarbert, Co.Kerry, 1869,
possibly identical with William Mangan, born 16 June 1869,
educ St.Joseph's College, Clondalkin, Co.Dublin (this would be Mount St.Joseph's Seminary, see old map, now vanished, though the graveyard remains, on Monastery Rd, see street view),
Discalced Carmelite priest (O.C.D., also written as "O.D.C."),
entered the Carmelite Novitiate at The Abbey, Loughrea, Co.Galway, in 1891,
ordained 1899 at Clonliffe College,
he was Prior (head) of St.Mary's, Morehampton Rd, Donnybrook, Co.Dublin,
Prior of Loughrea Abbey, 1910-15,

Prior of St Teresa's, Clarendon St (off Grafton St), Dublin, 1915 to 1936,
he went with his cousin Nell to identify the body of her brother The O'Rahilly after the 1916 Rising, see [P106/384],
[P106/122(3)] (123 in index) is letter of 2 Feb 1917 from him about a plaque to The O'Rahilly at Clarendon St church,
assisted in wedding of Dick Humphreys 1929,

died Sat 21 Nov 1936, private hospital, 37 Eccles St, Dublin, age 67 yrs [GROI],
see death notice, Sunday Independent, Sunday, November 22, 1936,
see obituary, Irish Independent, Monday, November 23, 1936,
see notices, Irish Independent, Wednesday, November 25, 1936,
funeral Wed 25 Nov,
bur in the O.C.D. grave, Glasnevin Cemetery,
the Lord Mayor was at funeral, Eamon de Valera (head of government) sent his A.D.C. to the funeral,
see funeral report, Irish Independent, Thursday, November 26, 1936,
see obituary and funeral report in [P106/318(33)].

Rev. Dominic Mangan grave, Glasnevin

Rev. Dominic Mangan grave, in the O.C.D. grave, Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.
Location: tE 20.5, go in gate, to left of tower, down path, grave on right. See street view.

O.C.D. grave, Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin (burial place of Rev. Dominic Mangan).
Photo 2013. See full size and wider shot.

"Dominicus (Mangan)" (Rev. Dominic Mangan) written on side of above grave.
Photo 2013. Light adjusted. See original and other angle.

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