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My ancestors - Nolan - Contents

Richard McCoy, Lord Mayor of Dublin

Richard McCoy listed as High Sheriff of Dublin in [Thom's, 1894].

Richard McCoy,
Lord Mayor of Dublin, High Sheriff of Dublin,
Richard Francis McCoy, bapt 16 Oct 1854.
He was living Clare House, Kilcolman, Co.Limerick, at marriage.

He mar 31 January 1883 [St.James' RC par records, Dublin] to Marion Reynolds [Marion T., born 1859, Dublin].
Marriage wit by Michael A. Wall and Margaret McCoy.
Marion was dau of John Reynolds, of 2 Annomore Terrace, a now vanished or renamed section of Richmond Rd (now Emmet Rd), Goldenbridge, Dublin (see map).
Her father John Reynolds, salt merchant, is listed in [Thom's, 1884] with a business at 4, 5 and 6 Bridgefoot St, Dublin, and residence at 2 Annomore Terrace, Goldenbridge.

Richard and Marion lived at Greenville House, South Circular Rd, Dublin (children born Dublin), but kept the farm at Clare House, Kilcolman, Co.Limerick.

Poor Law Guardian, Councillor, High Sheriff of Dublin, Lord Mayor of Dublin:
Richard became a Poor Law Guardian. Listed as such at funeral of Thomas Cosgrave 1888.
He became a Councillor, Dublin Corporation, by 1894.
Listed as Town Councillor and Poor Law Guardian, living Greenville House, Dublin, in [Thom's, 1894]. Also has business as "coal and salt merchant" at 7 and 8 Bridgefoot St (right beside, but not same place as, the former location of his father-in-law's business, which is now gone).
He became High Sheriff of Dublin city 1894. See Freemans Journal, January 10, 1894. He is described as Councillor, of Greenville House, Dublin, and Clare House, Co.Limerick.
He was Lord Mayor of Dublin 1896-97.
Obituary says he was later member of Rathkeale Board of Guardians in Co.Limerick.

He is listed in [Thom's, 1901] at Greenville House.
He is listed at Kilcolman in [Census, 1901], he is "farmer". There is a lodger family and an Agricultural Labourer. The house has 8 rooms, 5 windows in front of house, 12 out-buildings.
Marion is listed at Greenville House in [Census, 1901], the children are with her. The house has 13 rooms, 5 windows in front of house, 5 out-buildings.
He is listed as nephew of Margaret Nolan at her death 1903, described as of "Clare House". He disputed her will in 1903.
He was at funeral of Thomas Madigan 1904.
Greenville House is vacant in [Thom's, 1910].
They are listed at Kilcolman in [Census, 1911], he is farmer, wife and some children are with him. The house has 9 rooms, 4 windows in front of house, 12 out-buildings.
He died at Clare House, Mon 13 Mar 1916, age 61 yrs.
Funeral Wed 15 Mar, bur Kilfergus Cemetery.
See obituary in Limerick Chronicle, Thur 16 Mar 1916.
(todo) See death of Richard F. McCoy, [GROI], Rathkeale, 1st qr 1916, age 60 (born 1856), vol 5 p 367.
When son called to bar 1921 his father is described as "Richard F. McCoy of Clare House, Kilcolman".
Richard and Marion had issue:

  1. Louis McCoy, born 1885, Co.Dublin,
    at home in 1901 census,
    must be Louis McCoy who mar 1906 to Caroline ---- [born 1884, Dublin city],
    (todo) see marriage of Louis M'Coy, [GROI], Dublin South, 1st qr 1906, vol 2 p 677,
    this must be him and wife listed in [Census, 1911] as boarders in a house in Eglinton Terrace (at Dolphin Ave and S Circular Rd), Dolphin's Barn, Dublin (see old map), he is "salesman".

  2. Rita McCoy, born 1887, Dublin, at home in 1911 census, occupation "Painting and Singing".
  3. May McCoy, born 1888, Dublin, at home in 1901 census.

  4. Annie McCoy, born 1889, Dublin, at home in 1911 census,
    "Miss Annie McCoy" is listed as niece of Rev. Mortimer McCoy at his funeral 1927.

  5. Richard McCoy,
    Richard P.J. McCoy, born 1890, Dublin, at home in 1901 census,
    "Major" in Royal Air Force before 1921, must be in WWI,
    called to Irish Bar in Nov 1921 (age 31), see Irish Times, November 2, 1921,
    "Major R.P. McCoy" listed as cousin of Matthew McCoy at his funeral 1922,
    "Major R.P. McCoy" listed as nephew of Rev. Mortimer McCoy at his funeral 1927.

  6. Charlotte McCoy, Lottie, born 1892, Co.Dublin, at home in 1911 census.
  7. James McCoy, born 1894, Dublin, at home in 1901 census.

  8. Mortimer McCoy, born 1895, Dublin, at home in 1901 census,
    "M. Reynolds McCoy" is listed in Irish Times, March 5, 1925, as selling off 80 acres (the whole farm) at Clare House,
    "Mortimer Reynolds McCoy" listed as nephew of Rev. Mortimer McCoy at his funeral 1927.

  9. One more child, McCoy.
    1911 census says 9 children total, 8 alive in 1911.

Greenville House, South Circular Rd, Dublin

Greenville House on 1887 to 1913 map.
The house is gone. A major Jewish synagogue was built on the site.
This is near site of "Roper's Rest".

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