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My ancestors - O'Mara - Contents

Connie O'Mara

(Left to Right): Connie O'Mara, one of the Whiteheads, and Connie junior, Austria, July 1939 (just before war).
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Connie O'Mara, born 8th Sept 1891,
orphaned in 1898,
went to Vienna, Austria, as a governess,

mar 1stly, 1914, to Baron Werner von Trapp and had issue,
she became Baroness von Trapp,
he died 1915,
after husband's death she stayed in Austria with her dau Connie junior,
lived with her in-laws at Klosterneuburg, Austria, in early 1920s,
struggled through very difficult times,
her in-laws fled Austria 1938, she stayed,

she mar 2ndly, in Austria, around the time of WW2, see [PAT/1, p.9], definitely pre-1947,
to Count Johann Heribert of Herberstein [descendant of Edward III],
she became Countess Herberstein,
"La Contessa", the O'Mara's of Limerick called her [Muffie de Courcy],
she was once asked what does "O" mean in "O'Mara", answered "the same as von only you can't buy it!".

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