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My ancestors - O'Mara - Contents

Stephen Rynne

Stephen Rynne and Alice Curtayne at their wedding in 1935.
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Stephen Rynne,
born 25 Oct 1901.
He is not listed with mother at Strand House in census 1911, must be at boarding school.
He was educ Clongowes.
He was an extra in Jim Sullivan's film Knocknagow (shot 1917, released 1918).
Studied agriculture in England and Denmark.
From 1932 he lived, wrote and farmed at Downings House, Prosperous, Co.Kildare.

He mar 1935 [him age 34, her age 37] to Alice Curtayne [born 6 Nov 1898, Castle St, Tralee, Co.Kerry [GROI]].
She was dau of John Curtayne, "carriage builder", or "coach builder", of Castle St, Tralee, by his wife Bridget Mary O'Dwyre.
See entry for her family in [Census, 1911], living Castle Street Upper, Tralee.

Stephen was a writer and radio broadcaster on Irish traditions etc.
He was also a journalist with Irish Press.
His works include:

Alice was a writer.
Her works include: Stephen was a contributor to long-running RTE Radio 1 program Sunday Miscellany (started 1969).
He died 12 Dec 1980, Dublin North union, age 79 yrs.
He was bur at Killybegs cemetery, near Prosperous, Co.Kildare (see map). See grave.
Alice died 1981, age 83 yrs, bur Co.Kildare with husband.
Stephen and Alice had issue:

  1. Bríd Ní Rinn, mar Eugene Norrby and had issue:
    1. Bríd Óg Norrby, mar Marc Sagarzazu and had issue:
      1. Éimhín Sagarzazu.
      2. Sorcha Sagarzazu.
      3. Doireann Sagarzazu.

  2. Catherine Rynne.

  3. Davoc Rynne, mar Anne Moore and had issue:
    1. Davóg Rynne, mar Sophie Bouilleaux and had issue:
      1. Leane Rynne.
      2. Amélia Rynne.
    2. Niall Rynne.
    3. Donnacha Rynne.
    4. Áine Rynne.
    5. Turlough Rynne.

  4. Andrew Rynne, mar Anne Hughes and had issue:
    1. Lorcan Rynne.
    2. Caoilfhionn Rynne.

Background: Stephen Rynne and Alice Curtayne (married 1935).
Foreground: Peter O'Mara (born 1925), Mary Rynne, (must be one of Stephen and Alice's daughters).
Location unknown.
See larger and full size.
From [P40/914]. Used with permission of [UL Archives].

Video about Alice Curtayne by Perry O'Donovan. Also here.

Extract from video.

Alice Curtayne.
From Project Alice Curtayne.

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