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My ancestors - O'Rahilly - Contents

The 1916 Rising

The O'Rahilly and Dick Humphreys and Jim Humphrys and Jim Sullivan and W.T. Cosgrave fought in the 1916 Rising.
The O'Rahilly was killed.


"Sinn Fein Rising - Liberty Hall - Part 1" (1916).
From British Pathé.
See another mix of the same shots in "War In Ireland - Easter Rebellion" (1916).

"Dublin 1916: Good Scenes Of O'Connell Street" (1916).
From British Pathé.


The 1916 Rising as portrayed in the movie Michael Collins (1996).

The docudrama A Terrible Beauty.

O'Connell St before the Rising

The GPO, c.1900.
From NLI.
See full size.

Sackville St and O'Connell Bridge.
See full size.
Detroit Photographic Company, 1905.
From The Library of Congress.

The Rising

The GPO after 1916.

The GPO after 1916.
See full size. From NLI.

The GPO after 1916.

Sackville St in aftermath of 1916 Rising.
From NLI.
See full size.

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