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My wife's ancestors - Yeats - Contents

Yeats of Aberdeen, Scotland

Also "Yates". See notes on spelling.

Barbara Yeats.
Portrait perhaps c.1790. (She died 1791.)
See larger and full size.
See other scan.

Alexander Yeats,
mar 20th June 1748 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to Elizabeth Leslie [bapt 1723, descendant of Robert III, King of Scotland and of Henry I],
he was merchant in Rotterdam, Holland,
many Scottish merchants traded through Rotterdam at this time,
children bapt in Aberdeen in 1750s,
possibly went to Holland in 1760s,
"Alexander Yeats" and his wife added on 20 Oct 1765 to List of Members of Scots Church, Rotterdam, he is listed as "deacon",
he is listed as merchant in Rotterdam at his dau Barbara's mar 1769,
had issue:

  1. Barbara Yeats, born 16 July 1749,
    must be named after her grandmother Barbara Ædie.
    She possibly grew up in Scotland, and did not go to Holland until 1760s (and then soon came back to Scotland with marriage 1769).
    "Barbara Yates" added to list of Members of Scots Church, Rotterdam 2 Apr 1767.
    She mar 16 Aug 1769 at the Scots Church, Rotterdam to Capt. Robert Gibbon [born 23 Aug 1738] and had issue.
    She was age 20, he was age 30. See marriage entry under G.
    They were married by Rev. William Walker (father of Rev. Robert Walker, "The Skating Minister").

  2. Elizabeth Yeats,
    bapt 14th Aug 1750 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
    "Elizabeth Yates" added to list of Members of Scots Church, Rotterdam 2 Apr 1767,
    mar Alexander Martin,
    dau's mar notice says Alexander,
    one source says "Mynhur Martin", but this must be a mis-reading of hand-writing,
    lived Nellfield, Aberdeen (later the home of the Gibbon sisters),
    "Mr. Martin" is shown at Nellfield on 1789 map,
    there is a miniature of Alexander Martin of Nellfield, Aberdeen, dated 1793,
    dau's mar notice 1796 says he was of Nellfield,
    had issue:

    1. Elizabeth Martin,
      mar notice says she was the only dau,
      mar 1796 to Capt. Hay Livingston [bapt 14th Dec 1774] and had issue.

  3. William Yeats,
    bapt 19th July 1755 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
    the date "Jan 1745" appeared to be associated with him in Barbara Yates Gibbon's notes,

  4. Anna Yeats,
    the date "1737" appeared to be associated with her in Barbara Yates Gibbon's notes,
    poss. "Anne Yates", bapt 7th Nov 1756 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen], dau of Alexander Yates and --- Ross (2nd marriage?),
    "Anna Yeats" added to list of Members of Scots Church, Rotterdam 29 Sept 1772,
    mar Dr. James Somerville [NOT William],
    had issue:

    1. Bethea Somerville, bapt 23rd June 1781 [Whitburn, W Lothian].
    2. Karthrine Somerville, bapt 7th Jan 1783 [Whitburn].

    3. Barbara Somerville,
      bapt 1st Aug 1784 [Whitburn],
      bur Nigg Bay, see p.4 of first sheet of notes on Gibbon graves at Nigg.

    4. Alexander Martine Somerville, bapt 15th Aug 1786 [Whitburn].
    5. 1 other child, Somerville [Barbara Yates Gibbon].

Miniature of Alexander Martin of Nellfield, Aberdeen, dated 1793, by John Bogle.
For sale as at 2012 on eBay at this shop.
See inscription (and wider shot) and signature.
See other shot and other shot.

Spelling of the surname

"Yeats" seems to be more common in the 18th century. So I take it as the default.
"Yates" seems to be more common in the 19th century.
But the record is confused:

  1. The 18th century parish records of St.Nicholas', Aberdeen, use "Yeats".
  2. Barbara Yeats is "Yeats" in death notice 1791, and on her grave at Nigg Bay. But she is "Yates" in family bible when she was alive.
  3. Robina Barbara Yates Gibbon (born 1821, died 1824) is "Yeats" in family bible and burial record. But she is "Yates" on family tree by Barbara Yates Gibbon.
  4. Barbara Yates Gibbon spelt it "Yates" in late 19th century.

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