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My wife's ancestors - Gibbon - Contents

Arthur Gibbon

Arthur Gibbon.
Portrait perhaps c.1825 (it was a pair with the one of Elizabeth Montgomery below).
See larger and full size.
See other scan.

Arthur Gibbon [descendant of Robert III, King of Scotland and of Henry I],
born 7th July 1780, grew up Aberdeen, Scotland.
At his marriage 1814 he is described as of parish of Bedlington, Northumberland, far N of England. But this may be a temporary address. He is described in marriage contract as "merchant" of Aberdeen.

He mar 1814, Bedlington, to Elizabeth Montgomery [born 12th July 1796, descendant of Edward III].
See copy of entry in Bedlington par records (and transcript). Parish records say mar 3 Oct 1814. Other family papers say 11 Sept 1814. Marriage contract says "on or about" 3 Oct, then written in margin is 11 Sept.
Bedlington parish records say they were both living Bedlington at the time, perhaps only temporarily.
He was age 34, she was age 18. She was the niece of the 11th Earl of Pembroke and had a great inheritance.
Postmarital contract 2nd May 1815, Aberdeen, just before first child born. She is entitled to a massive £8,000 from the Herbert family. This is perhaps £5m in today's money.

Arthur is listed as merchant of Aberdeen at gift of Sir Alured Clarke June 1822.
See Letter from Elizabeth's uncle the 11th Earl of Pembroke to her, Aug 1822.
Think he is "Arthur Gibbon, merchant" listed at 6 Castlebrae, Aberdeen in [Aberdeen Directory, 1824-25]. This is Castle brae, which ran from Castle St to Virginia St. Think now vanished, see map.
Think he is "Arthur Gibbon, merchant" listed at Commercial Bank Court, 42 Castle St, Aberdeen in [Aberdeen Directory, 1825-26].
He is "Arthur Gibbon, merchant" listed at the family home, 11 Virginia St, Aberdeen, in [Aberdeen Directory, 1827-28] to [Aberdeen Directory, 1829-30].
A letter addressed simply to "Mrs. A. Gibbon, Aberdeen" in 1827 got there.
Arthur is listed at Arthur Augustus' bapt Apr 1829 as "merchant", living at think it says "Virginia Street", Aberdeen.
Their eldest child Emily died May 1829.

They move to England:
They seem to have left Scotland for England c.1830, and never returned except on visits.
He is listed as gentleman, living Acklington Park, Northumberland, as at birth and bapt of William Henry 1832.
There was an auction of all the beds, carpets, curtains, crockery and furniture at Acklington Park, 6 Apr 1836 and following days. See poster. It seems they were selling much of their possessions before moving to the Continent. No portraits in sale, they kept those.

Lived on Continent:
They travelled on the Continent widely. They were in Heidelberg, Germany, 1837, and seem to have lived there for some time (William Henry was educ there). Their daughters later married on the Continent.
They were in Heidelberg as at 1844 letter from Benjamin Maltass.

Arthur retired pre-1849.
See Poem written by him to his wife, May 1849.
This is written from Ellengowan, Aberdeen, where his unmarried sisters lived.
The widow of the 11th Earl of Pembroke writes to "my dear Elizabeth", May 1850, settling further financial affairs on the "occasion of Margaret's marriage".
Arthur's passport survives, issued 3 Aug 1853.
Elizabeth writes to her son Arthur Augustus, 5 Nov 1853, about the death of Margaret's children: "These, oh these, are some of the bitter trials of our lives, and those only who have experienced such bereavement can only know what others feel. It is indeed a very hard fate to think that dear Margaret has been doomed to lose both her children in so short a period of time."
The widow of the 11th Earl left them further money when she died Mar 1856. This was probably the final break with the Herbert family. A letter refers to Elizabeth as "having been a ward of her husband, the late Lord Pembroke, and the whole family more or less under his guardianship".
Arthur is described as "gentleman" at son William Henry's mar Nov 1856.
Elizabeth's passport survives, issued 8 July 1857. They travelled on Continent until late 1857.

Arthur dies, 1861:
He died London, 2nd Apr 1861, age 80 yrs.
He was bur 6th Apr 1861, Gibbon grave, West Norwood, SC London, NOT Beckenham Cemetery.
His name is written onto the graves at Nigg Bay but he is not bur there.

Elizabeth was living with her son Arthur Augustus at 75 Gloucester St, Pimlico, London, in 1869.
Elizabeth dies, 1870:
She died 75 Gloucester St, London, 1st Feb 1870, age 73 yrs.
A letter dated 6th Jan 1870 referring to her death is an error for 6th Feb (as shown by the postmarks).
She was bur 7th Feb 1870, Gibbon grave, West Norwood.
Arthur and Elizabeth had issue:

  1. Emily Augusta Gibbon,
    born 4 May 1815,
    bapt 18 May 1815 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen],
    a beautifully-written letter from her survives, written from Aberdeen, 13 Feb 1828 (age 12),
    died 11 May 1829, age 14 yrs,
    bur 15 May 1829 at Nigg Bay.

  2. Robert Gibbon,
    born 12 Mar 1817,
    bapt 5 Apr 1817 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen], the place name "Alford" is also mentioned,
    died 6 Jan 1818, age 10 months,
    bur 10 Jan 1818 at Nigg Bay.

  3. Margaret Gibbon,
    Margaret Livingston Gibbon, "Maggy", born 30 Apr 1818,
    bapt 19 May 1818 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen],
    mar 20 July 1850, Cathedral Church, Munich, Germany,
    to Baron Charles de Stentzsch (or von Stenksch-Prittag) and had issue.

  4. Elizabeth Gibbon,
    born 14 Sept 1819,
    bapt 21 Oct 1819 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen],
    died 11 Dec 1822, age 3 yrs,
    bur 14 Dec 1822 at Nigg Bay.

  5. Robina Gibbon,
    Robina Barbara Yates Gibbon, born 22 Mar 1821,
    bapt 28 Apr 1821 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen],
    "Yeats" in family bible and burial record,
    died 13 Aug 1824, age 3 yrs,
    bur 17 Aug 1824 at Nigg Bay.

  6. Georgina Gibbon,
    Georgina Montgomery Gibbon, "Georgy",
    born 10 Aug 1823, Aberdeen,
    bapt 11 Sept 1823 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen],
    probably named after her mother's uncle George Herbert, 11th Earl of Pembroke, who took care of his brother Reebkomp's family after Reebkomp died,
    mar 19 Dec 1846, at Frankfurt, to Baron Adolf de Roeder and had issue.

  7. Catherine Gibbon,
    Catherine Elizabeth, think NOT Catharine,
    born 21 May 1826,
    bapt 15 June 1826 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen],
    died 13 May 1827, age 1 yr,
    bur 17 May 1827 at Nigg Bay.

  8. Arthur Augustus Gibbon,
    born 3 Feb 1829 at Aberdeen (NOT 1832),
    see birth record (and copy),
    bapt 18 Apr 1829 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen], sp Dr. William Dyce and "Arthur Gibbon junior, writer",
    see copy of baptism entry.

  9. William Henry Gibbon,
    born at Acklington Park, Northumberland, 14 Jan 1832, NOT 1831,
    bapt 9 Mar 1832, Warkworth par, Northumberland,
    William, "Willy".

Elizabeth Montgomery.
Portrait perhaps c.1825 (it was a pair with the one of Arthur Gibbon above).
Her dress was gold with the dirt. When cleaned, it came up as the original silver.
See larger and full size.
See other scan.

Arthur Gibbon.
Image courtesy of Mike Hilligan.

Arthur Gibbon.
Light adjusted digitally. See original.
Image courtesy of Mike Hilligan.

Inscription "Elizabeth Gibbon, 1820" [age 24, young mother] on a family medical guide.
See full size.
The book is The Medical Guide by Richard Reece, 11th edn, pub 1814.
See title page.

Arthur's passport from 1853.
See larger and full size.
See UK government travel declaration inside, dated 3 Aug 1853.
Passport is for Arthur Gibbon, with wife and servant, "travelling on the Continent".

Elizabeth's passport from 1857.
See larger and full size.
See UK government travel declaration inside, dated 8 July 1857.
Passport is for Mrs. Elizabeth Gibbon, with servant, "travelling on the Continent".

Gibbon listed under PEMBROKE in [Burke's Peerage, 2004].
It was my initiative that got Gibbon into Burke's Peerage.

Acklington Park, Northumberland

Acklington Park, Northumberland (see map and map and satellite close-up).
Arthur Gibbon is listed here at birth of his son William Henry in 1832.
He rented Acklington Park from Hugh Percy, 3rd Duke of Northumberland.
He apparently left in 1836.


Acklington Park on 1864 map.

Acklington Park entrance on modern street view.
The old house is gone.
Some walls and outbuildings remain.


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