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Le Jeune

Anthony Le Jeune,
Anthony John Le Jeune, born 1833, London.
"John Le Jeune" at marriage.
See wikitree.
He mar 4 July 1868 to Elizabeth Mahony [born 1840 or 1842 or 1843, Killarney, Catholic].
They are listed in 1871 census at 40 Wellington Rd, St.John's Wood, London (see map). See entry from here. He is Professor of Music.

Anthony leaves her, 1878:
He left her in 1878. He took the older children.
He and the older children are listed in 1881 census in Christchurch (then in Hampshire, now in Dorset). See entry from here. He is "Music Professor". He is "married" but wife not with him.
She and the youngest child are listed in 1881 census at 52 Belsize Road, St. John's Wood, London (see map). See entry from here. She is married, living off allowance from husband.

Elizabeth smashes up house, Dec 1881, charged with arson:
She was found in a distressed and suicidal state on 13 Dec 1881, smashing up and setting fire to her house at 52 Belsize Road.
She said that "her husband had deserted her some three years previously" (i.e. 1878). She was left the house, controlled by trustees. She claimed that "her husband intended her to become a prostitute; that she had no intention of doing so, being a virtuous woman". She had a plan to go to Belgium and work as a governess. She was in financial difficulty, and arguing with the trustees about letting the house.
She was arrested and put in Newgate Prison. See prison record from here. Her occupation is listed as "governess".
She was tried at the Old Bailey on 9 Jan 1882 and charged with arson. After some evidence, she was acquitted.

Is it possible they re-united? Their son's military record 1888 lists both parents as living at Prospect Villa, Boscombe, Bournemouth.
Anthony died 24 Sept 1901.
(todo) See death of Anthony John Le Jeune, [GRO.UK], 3rd qr 1901, age 70 (born 1831), Poole, 5a 154.
See admin from here.
Elizabeth is listed in 1911 census at 45 Carlton Vale, Paddington, London. She is widowed. See entry from here.
(todo) See death of Elizabeth Le Jeune, [GRO.UK], 4th qr 1916, age 78 (born 1838), Kensington, 1a 274.
Anthony and Elizabeth had issue:

  1. Anthony Le Jeune,
    Anthony Anselm Marie Collette Le Jeune, born Apr 1869 in London.
    (todo) See birth of Antony Anselom M C Lejeune, [GRO.UK], 2nd qr 1869, Marylebone, 1a 540.
    Military record 1888 says he was Catholic. His children were Catholic.
    He was a musician.
    He mar 1896 to Agnes Tidmarsh.
    They had issue:

    1. James Le Jeune,
      James George Le Jeune, born 24 May 1910, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
      He was an artist.
      See wikipedia and DIB and thepeerage.
      He mar Pamela Mocatta.
      Settled in Ireland in 1950.
      He died 1983, Blackrock, Co.Dublin.
      He had issue:

      1. Teresa Le Jeune.
        DNA match with Sir Adrian Blennerhassett, 7th Baronet.

Extracts from the trial of Elizabeth Le Jeune at the Old Bailey, 9 Jan 1882.

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