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My ancestors - Blennerhassett - Contents

Genealogies of Kerry (Rowan, 1846)

"Genealogies of Kerry", 1846 manuscript, by Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan.

Front cover.
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Done in the order in which the pages appear.
Intro front and p.1 and p.2 and back
Index p.3 and pp.4-5 and p.6
Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy p.9 and pp.10-11 and p.12 (and cutting) and p.13 and p.15 and pp.16-17
Blennerhassett of Castle Conway p.19 and pp.20-21 and pp.22-23 and pp.24-25 and pp.26-27 and p.28
Conway arms and p.29 and pp.30-31
Denny p.33 and pp.34-35 and pp.36-37 and pp.38-39 and pp.40-41 and pp.42-43 and pp.44-45
Browne pp.50-51 and pp.52-53 and p.54
Wynn p.55
Mullins cutting and p.57 and pp.58-59 and pp.60-61 and p.62
Crosbie p.63 and pp.64-65 and p.66 (and inserts) and p.67 and pp.68-69 and pp.70-71 and pp.72-73
Sheircliffe p.74
Rowan insert and p.75 and pp.76-77 and pp.78-79 and p.80
Chute p.81 and p.82 (and insert) and p.83 and pp.84-85 and pp.86-87 and p.88
Leslie p.89 and pp.90-91
Eveleigh p.92
Sealy p.93. pp.94-95 and p.96
Herbert p.97 and pp.98-99 and pp.100-101 and pp.102-103 and pp.104-105 and pp.106-107
Brewster p.108
Bland p.109 and pp.110-111 and pp.112-113
Bateman pp.114-115 and pp.116-117 and p.118
Stoughton p.119 and p.120
McCarthy More p.121 and p.122
McGillycuddy of the Reeks p.123 and pp.124-125 and p.126
Godfrey p.127 and pp.128-129 and pp.130-131
Spring pp.132-133 and pp.134-135
Sandes p.137 and pp.138-139 and pp.140-141
Edmunds p.142
Wren p.143 and p.144
Ponsonby p.145 and p.146
Hurly p.148 and p.149 (plus crest)
Elliot p.151
Gun cutting and p.153 and pp.154-155 and p.156
Fitzmaurice p.157 and pp.158-159 and p.160 (and insert) and p.161
Raymond p.163 (and insert) pp.164-165 and pp.166-167 and p.168
Fitzgerald p.169 and pp.170-171 and p.172
Maghee p.174
Morris p.175 and pp.176-177
O'Connor printed tree
Notes by Anne Margaret Rowan p.179 and p.181 and p.183 and p.185 and p.187
McGillycuddy p.255

Back cover.
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