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My wife's ancestors - Butler - Contents

Thomas Butler, 1st Baron Dunboyne

Thomas Butler, 1st Baron Dunboyne (see here).
He was killed at the Battle of Ardnocher in 1329.

He was male-line ancestor of:

James Butler, 2nd/12th Baron Dunboyne.
Descendant through Butler of Edward I.
He mar 2ndly to his 2nd cousin Margaret O'Brien [dau of 3rd Earl of Thomond].
She is also descendant through Butler of Edward I.
And she is descendant of the Kings of Thomond and the Kings of Munster and Brian Boru.
He died Feb 1625 (new style).
He had issue by 2nd wife:

Theobald Butler,
born 1610.
He had issue:

Rev. Pierce Butler.
He had issue:

  1. Theobald Butler,
    born c.1690,
    of Priestown, Co.Meath.
    He mar 2ndly, 1722, to Mary Whitwell.
    He is said to be the one who acquired the land at Waterville, Co.Kerry. James Butler in 1932 says that: "The first Butler to live in Currane (Waterville) was Theobald" and Theobald "lived at Currane in what is the original of the present "Waterville House"."
    Theobald had issue by 2nd wife:

    1. James Butler,
      of Priestown, Co.Meath.
      Ancestor of Hubert Butler (the writer, born 1900, famous for saving Jews in WW2).
      Ancestor also of Jessica Butler, mother of Turtle Bunbury, historian and genealogist.

    2. Whitwell Butler, born 1743,
      of Waterville, Co.Kerry.

The composer Thomas O'Brien Butler (born 1861) notes that he descends from O'Brien, Earl of Thomond.
A descent from the Earls of Thomond is correct, though he gets the exact origin slightly wrong.
This is from Seven original Irish melodies, Kincora edition, 1903.

The start of BUTLER of Priestown on p.93 of [Burkes Irish, 1912].



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