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My wife's ancestors - Butler - Contents

Thomas Butler, 1st Baron of Dunboyne

Thomas Butler, 1st Baron of Dunboyne (see here).
He was killed at the Battle of Ardnocher in 1329.
He had issue:

Piers Butler, 2nd Baron of Dunboyne,
died 1370,
had issue:

William Butler, 4th Baron of Dunboyne,
died 1406,
had issue:

James Butler, 7th Baron of Dunboyne,
died 1445,
had issue:

Edmond Butler, 8th Baron of Dunboyne.
He mar Catherine Butler [descendant of Edward I].
He built Knockelly Castle, Co.Tipperary, about 1465.
He died 1498.
8th Baron and Catherine had issue:

  1. James Butler, 9th Baron of Dunboyne.



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