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My wife's ancestors - Butler - Contents

Tobias Butler


Tobacco Lough, Scrahannagaur townland, Sneem, Co.Kerry.
From 1829 to 1842 map.

Tobias Butler,
born 1807.
"Tobias" in all records. "Theobald" in dau's death record.
See entry in tree by Belinda Williams.
See entry in tree by Terrence Donahoe.
Listed as of Waterville at mar 1832. (Could be the village not the house.)

He mar 30 April 1832 [Kilcolman CoI par records, Co.Kerry] to Catherine Godfrey [of Milltown, Co.Kerry].
She must be related to Godfrey of Milltown.
Even though they married in CoI, their children in 1837-39 were baptised Catholic.
There were meant to be some Butlers that for religious reasons converted from Protestantism to Catholicism. That must be what happened here.

At children's bapts 1837-39 they are living Behaghane, Kilcrohane par, Iveragh Peninsula, Co.Kerry (near Caherdaniel, SE of Waterville, see map).

He was farmer, lived near Sneem, Co.Kerry.
Admin says he was farmer, of "Tobacco Rock", Sneem. But there seems to be no such place.
Death cert says he died at "Scrahan".
There is a Tobacco Lough, in Scrahannagaur townland, NE side of Sneem. This must be where he lived.

Tobias died at "Scrahan" (would be Tobacco Lough, Scrahannagaur), 4 Apr 1873, age 66 yrs. See death cert from here.
Death cert says he is farmer, married. Death registered by Catherine Butler of "Scrahan".
See admin of estate of Tobias Butler, granted 28 June 1873 to Catherine, widow. From here.
Tobias and Catherine had issue:

  1. Arabella Butler.
    She was bapt 7 September 1837 [Caherdaniel RC par records]. Baptism is hard to read but it must be Arabella.
    She mar 1862, Co.Kerry, to Patrick O'Shea.
    They emigrated immediately to Australia. There by 1863.
    She died 1883, Sale, Victoria, Australia.
    See transcript in Australia Death Index. See transcript in Victoria Death Index. These say parents are Theobald Butler and Kate Godfrey.
    Arabella and Patrick had issue:

    1. Robert James O'Shea, born 1863, Australia,
      mar Bedelia Ellen Connaughton,
      had issue:

      1. Mary Margaret O'Shea, born 1908,
        mar Leo Francis Donahoe,
        had issue:

        1. Terrence Donahoe.
          DNA match to (Cashel family): Helen McGrath and Frank McGrath and Kathrin Riordan and James Riordan.

    2. Mary Belinda O'Shea, born 1876,
      mar William Mason Delves,
      had issue:

      1. Phyllis Lyell Delves, born 1915,
        mar Harry Maxwell,
        had issue:

        1. Belinda Maxwell.
          DNA match to Billy Butler of the Thomas Butler branch.
          She mar Carl David Williams.
          They had issue:

          1. (dau) Williams,
            mar --- Grace,
            had issue:

            1. N. Grace.
              DNA match to Billy Butler of the Thomas Butler branch.

            2. F. Grace.
              DNA match to Billy Butler of the Thomas Butler branch.

          2. (dau) Williams,
            mar --- McClain,
            had issue:

            1. Jasmine McClain.
              DNA match to (Cashel family): Helen McGrath (borderline match). Ancestry calls it a match but it is only 6 cM.
              DNA match to Billy Butler of the Thomas Butler branch.

  2. Catherine Butler,
    bapt 22 September 1839 [Caherdaniel RC par records]. One of the sponsors is John Butler.

Catholic baptism of Arabella Butler, 7 September 1837 [Caherdaniel RC par records].
From here.

Catholic baptism of Catherine Butler, 22 September 1839 [Caherdaniel RC par records].
From here.

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