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Piers Butler, "Wild Piers"

Piers Butler, "Wild Piers",
or Peter, born c.1521.
Descendant of Edward I.
See genealogics.
He mar Honora Fitzgerald [descendant of Edward I].
Piers died 1577.
Piers and Honora had issue:

James Butler,
died 1569/70,
had issue:

Edmond Butler,
died 1637,
had issue:

James Butler,
born 1605,
of Boytonrath, Co.Tipperary,
executed 1653,
had issue:

Thomas Butler,
of Castle Crine and Drumclogh, Co.Clare,
died 1671,
had issue:

William Butler,
of Rossroe Castle, Co.Clare.
[Blackall, 1952-55] discusses William's ancestry, and shows convincingly he is son of Thomas, son of the executed James of Boytonrath.
William died 1720.
He had issue:

Thomas Butler,
of Castle Crine, Co.Clare.
He mar 1722 to Catherine Fitzgerald [dau of John Fitzgerald by Helen Butler, dau of Pierce Butler, 2nd Viscount Ikerrin].
Thomas and Catherine had issue:

  1. William Butler,
    of Castle Crine, Co.Clare.
    He mar 1750 to Anne Dalton (or D'Alton).
    They must be the parents of Eleanor Butler who married in 1783 to George Ievers.
    [Burkes Irish, 1976] has Eleanor's father as James Butler of Castle Crine, but that makes no sense with the dates.
    Mount Ievers history by Turtle Bunbury has her as sister of James Butler and Eyre Butler, who are the sons of this William. See discussion on wikitree.
    The will of Henry Butler, of Brien's Castle, 1785, shows that James and Eyre are sons of this William. See no.93 in [Registry of Deeds wills, Vol.3].

    William and Anne had issue:

    1. Eleanor Butler,
      of Ellinor.
      She mar 1783 to George Ievers and had issue.
      See entry for Marriage Licence Bond, Diocese of Killaloe, 1783. Original would be burnt in 1922.

From BUTLER of Co.Clare in [Burkes Irish, 1976].

From BUTLER of Castle Crine in [Burkes Landed Gentry, 1886].

From IEVERS in [Burkes Irish, 1976].
We think Eleanor's father should be William not James.

Eleanor Butler, who married in 1783 to George Ievers.
See larger and original.
See "E.I." on back.
Photos 2022. Also here.

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