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John Carmody


Cloon Glebe and Farranwilliam, on the Tralee road, on the S side of Ardfert, Co.Kerry.
From 1829 to 1842 map.

John Carmody,
born 4 March 1861.
He was from Liscahane, some distance SE of Ardfert, Co.Kerry.
At mar he is farmer, living Liscahane.

He mar 22 February 1887, Ardfert RC church, to Ellie Barrett [Ellen, born Co.Kerry, think NOT Barratt].
She normally signs herself "Ellie". She was born 3 Oct 1860, and bapt 7 Oct 1860 [Ardfert RC church], dau of James Barrett, farmer, of "Cloun".
"Cloun" is Cloon Glebe, on the Tralee road, S side of Ardfert (closer to Ardfert than Liscahane).
At mar she is living "Cloonmore" (Cloon Glebe).
See mar cert from here.

Ellie inherits her family farm: Ellie's siblings emigrated, and she inherited her family's farm at Cloon Glebe, which she ran with her husband John.
John is farmer, Ardfert, at son's birth Jan 1888.
Ellie is living Ardfert when her father dies Oct 1888.
John is farmer, Ardfert, at children's births 1889 and 1892.
See them listed in 1901 census at Cloon Glebe. He is farmer.
See them listed in 1911 census at Cloon Glebe. He is farmer.

John died 31 July 1947 [death notice] or 1 Aug [death cert], age 86 yrs.
Death notice says he died at his house, Tralee road, S side of Ardfert. Death cert says he died at "Farranwilliam", S side of Ardfert.
See death notice in Irish Press, 1 Aug 1947. Posted here.
Funeral 2 Aug 1947, bur Ardfert cemetery.
See death cert from here. He is retired farmer.

Ellie died 9 May 1948, age 87 yrs, at her house, Tralee road, Ardfert.
See death notice in unknown newspaper, Tue 11 May 1948. Posted here.
Funeral 11 May 1948. Death notice says bur Abbeydorney not Ardfert.
See death cert from here. Date of death is wrong.
John and Ellie had issue:

  1. Fr. Tom Carmody,
    Thomas, born 1 Jan 1888, Ardfert. NOT 1889.
    See birth cert from here.
    At home in 1901 census.
    Not at home in 1911 census.
    He became a priest. Ordained in 1913.
    He went to America in 1913.
    From 1913 on he was a priest in Nebraska at many different places.
    Listed at father's death 1947 as priest in Omaha, Nebraska.
    Celebrated Golden Jubilee as priest in 1963. See item in The Kerryman, 2 Nov 1963.
    He died Nov 1974, Omaha, age 86 yrs.

  2. Denis Carmody,
    born 5 November 1889, Ardfert.
    See transcript of birth cert.
    At home in 1911 census, he is drapers' clerk.
    He must be Denis Carmody, draper's assistant, Rock St, Tralee, son of John Carmody, farmer, who mar 20 Apr 1922, Tralee RC church, to Mary O'Brien.
    See mar cert from here. Mar wit by James Carmody.
    He must be same as:

    Denis Carmody,
    mar Mary ----.
    He lived The Square, Tralee. Listed as "[poss. Firm] Director" in burial record.
    He died 19 Oct 1957, at his house, The Square, Tralee.
    See death notice in Irish Press, October 21, 1957.
    He was bur 21 Oct 1957, Rath new cemetery, Tralee.
    See burial record LHS and RHS from here. Gives age as 68 which matches our Denis (age 67, on edge of 68).
    Mary died 17 Feb 1972, bur Rath new cemetery.
    See their grave from

  3. Jeremiah Carmody,
    Jerry, "Jermiah" on grave,
    newspaper at death says he was called "Jerheen",
    born 10 May 1892, Ardfert.
    See birth cert from here.

  4. Ellen Carmody,
    Ellie, born 18 Oct 1894, Ardfert.
    At home in 1911 census.
    She mar 1919 to Florence O'Sullivan [born 1894].
    Lived Ballinolourth, Tralee, Co.Kerry.
    Florence died 1945, Tralee, bur Ardfert cemetery.
    Ellen died 1964, Tralee, bur Ardfert cemetery.
    They had issue:

    1. Julia O'Sullivan.
      DNA match to me.
      DNA match to my mother.
      She mar --- English and had issue:

      1. Kerry English.
        DNA match to me.
        DNA match to my mother.

  5. James Carmody,
    born 3 Jan 1897, Co.Kerry.
    At home in 1911 census.

  6. Maria Carmody,
    Mary, born 18 Oct 1899, Ardfert.
    At home in 1911 census.
    She mar pre-1932 to Tom O'Sullivan and had issue.

  7. Kate Carmody,
    born 1902, Co.Kerry.
    At home in 1911 census.
    Registered her father's death 1947. Then unmarried, living Farranwilliam, Ardfert.
    Registered her mother's death 1948. Then unmarried, living Ardfert.

  8. 1 more child, Carmody.
    1911 census says they had 8 children, 7 then living.

Baptism of Ellen Barrett, 7 Oct 1860.
From Ardfert RC par records.

Extract from pp.85-86 of Statement of Tadhg Kennedy of Ardfert in [BMH witness statements].
About events in the War of Independence 1919-21.
Fr. Carmody of Ardfert, the American priest, would be Fr. Tom Carmody.

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