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Cashel Riordan

Back: Eithne O'Mara.
Front (Left to Right): Cashel Riordan, Eileen O'Mara, Violet Connolly (a friend).

Cashel Riordan,
Cashel John Mary Riordan,
born 13 Dec 1906, Cork.
Keen rugby player and golfer.
Apparently played golf for Dolphin Club in Munster Senior Cup 1931. (Unless this is confusion with the rugby.)
Played rugby for Dolphin R.F.C.. He was on their team in Munster Senior Cup 1932-33.
At marriage 1938 he is "clerk", living family home, 13 Myrtle Hill Terrace, Cork.

He mar 30 Apr 1938 to Moyra Brennan [Nora Moyra Brennan, born 7 Oct 1911, Kilkenny, "Moira" on mar cert, NOT Maura].
She was dau of John Brennan, company manager. At mar she was living Model Farm Road, Cork.
They mar at RC church of St. Finn Barr's West, Cork. See mar cert from here.

They lived Cork.
He was living The Paddock, Temple Lawn, Cork, in 1947 when he registered his mother's death.
She was on winning team, Douglas golf club, Irish Ladies Senior Cup 1952, Newcastle, Co.Down.
He was President of Dolphin Club (golf) c.1961.

He died 6th Jan 1978, age 71 yrs.
She died 22nd Jan 1998, age 86 yrs.
Cashel and Moyra had issue:

  1. Cashel Riordan.
    He mar Peg Murphy.
    They had issue:

    1. Kathrin Riordan, mar Enda Byrne and had issue:
      1. Thomas Byrne.
      2. Orla Byrne.
      3. James Byrne.

    2. John Riordan.
      DNA match with various people. See below.
      He mar Alison Casey and had issue:
      1. Jack Riordan.
      2. Fennella Riordan.

    3. Brian Riordan, mar Fiona --- and had issue:
      1. Sebastian Riordan.
      2. Matthew Riordan.
    4. Emily Riordan, mar Sean O'Dwyer and had issue:
      1. Caolán O'Dwyer.
      2. Cian O'Dwyer.

  2. Kathrin Riordan.
    DNA match with various people. See below.
    She mar Tom Walsh.
    They had issue:

    1. Tom Walsh.
    2. Kieran Walsh, mar Catherine Brady and had issue:
      1. David Walsh.
      2. Mark Walsh.
      3. Michael Walsh.
    3. Michelle Walsh.
    4. Cashel Walsh, mar Nicky Harvey and had issue:
      1. Charlie Walsh.
      2. Matilda Walsh.
      3. Darcy Walsh.
    5. Kathryn Walsh, mar Raffaelle Labrozzi.
    6. Ronan Walsh, mar Therese Coleman and had issue:
      1. Jamie Walsh.
      2. Elodie Walsh.
    7. Claire Walsh, mar James Donovan and had issue:
      1. James Donovan.
    8. Barry Walsh.

  3. James Riordan.
    DNA match with various people. See below.
    He mar Marion Coleman.
    They had issue:

    1. Sham Riordan, mar Louise Hennessy and had issue:
      1. Alice Riordan.
      2. James Riordan.
    2. Sally Riordan, mar Brendan Morris and had issue:
      1. Max Morris.
      2. Hannah Morris.
    3. David Riordan, mar Maria Moynihan and had issue:
      1. Isobel Riordan.

    4. Mark Riordan.
      DNA match with various people. See below.

    5. Johanna Riordan.

DNA matches

Kathrin Riordan is a DNA match with all of the following:

James Riordan is a DNA match with all of the following:

John Riordan is a DNA match with all of the following:

Mark Riordan is a DNA match with all of the following:


The Grove, Killiney, summer 1926.
(Left to Right): Unknown, Cashel Riordan, and his 1st cousins Maureen O'Mara, Sheila O'Mara, Eithne O'Mara.

Cashel Riordan (middle row, 2nd from RHS).
Dolphin R.F.C. Senior Cup team 1932-33.
See full size.

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