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The Grove, Killiney, Co.Dublin

The Grove, W (inland) side of Killiney Hill Road, Killiney, Co.Dublin.

The Grove (front).
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The Grove was built around 1840 by John Hines as a 2 storey house.
Originally called "Glenfield".
It had the name "The Grove" by 1850.
Joseph Hines is listed at The Grove in [Thom's, 1850].
It was expanded to a 3 storey house in the late 19th century.
Thomas Greene, J.P., is listed at The Grove in [Thom's, 1921].

It was acquired by James O'Mara c.1925. He was then a Free State TD.
He lived there with his wife Agnes Cashel.
The O'Maras were definitely there by 1926 (family photos).
O'Mara is listed there in [Thom's, 1926].
See letter from The Grove, 4 Sept 1927.
See printed letterhead from The Grove, Dec 1927.
There was a purpose-built theatre and billiards room at the rear of the house.
Agnes Cashel's sister Kathleen Cashel died at The Grove in 1947.
James O'Mara died 1948.
His widow Agnes continued to live at The Grove with the unmarried son Stephen O'Mara.
My father showed me in the drawing room the seat by the fire where his grandmother Agnes Cashel used to sit when they played cards in the 1950s.
Agnes Cashel died at The Grove in 1958.
Family sold it not long after.

The Grove became a nursing home, "The Grove Nursing Home", established 1980.
Later "Killiney Grove" nursing home.
There is a modern extension built at back.
The house is protected by a preservation order, RPS No. 1672.
The nursing home is closed.
The house was for sale as at 2019. 27 bedrooms. 18 bathrooms. Price € 4.5 m. See
See Irish Times, 4 Apr 2019.

"Glenfield" on 1829 to 1842 map.

The Grove on 1887 to 1913 map.

The Grove, Killiney (red roof).
2019 image from satellite view.

The Grove from the air. Photo 1920s.
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The Grove from the air.
See full size.

Street view of entrance.

Joseph Hines listed at "The Grove" under the Cabinteely section in [Thom's, 1850, p.835].
There is no "Glenfield" listed.

Thomas Greene, J.P., listed at The Grove on p.1802 of [Thom's, 1921].

O'Mara listed at The Grove on p.1824 of [Thom's, 1926].


O'Mara photos


(Left to Right): Agnes Cashel, Maureen O'Mara, Steen, Fr. Paddy O'Mara.
The Grove, 1926.

Tennis court, The Grove, Killiney, summer 1926.

The Grove (front), 1927.
Maureen and Eileen O'Mara.

(Left to Right): Maureen O'Mara, Agnes Cashel, Eithne O'Mara.
Probably at The Grove, Killiney, c.1927.

Playing cards at The Grove, June 1954.
Cousin Bee, Agnes Cashel, Steen.
See full size and original.

Playing cards at The Grove, 1955.
Agnes Cashel, Una Shanley, Fr.Paddy.
See full size and original.



The Grove, Killiney - Modern photos



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