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Jim Conacher


Jim Conacher,
Dr. James Blennerhassett Mary Conacher, born 31st Oct 1916.
BA 1937, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.
Medal in History. MA 1938. Nuffield fellow.
Historian, Dept. History, University of Toronto.
He mar Muriel Foley [born Grand Falls, Newfoundland, Canada, Mar 1919].
Muriel was dau of William Foley by his wife Helen Mary Coffey, dau of David Coffey and Bridget Manning.
See Muriel Foley on tree by Carmelita Coffey on Ancestry.
She was a nurse in WW2.

Jim was an Associate Professor as at 1958.
He specialised in 19th century British history.
He contributed to The Gladstonian turn of mind: essays presented to J.B. Conacher, edited by Bruce L. Kinzer, University of Toronto Press, 1985.
Co-edited the Benjamin Disraeli Letters vol 3 (1987) and vol 4 (1989) and vol 5 (1993).
They lived Toronto.
He was author of these books: Jim died 1993, age 77 yrs.
Muriel lived Toronto, died June 2005, age 86 yrs.
Jim and Muriel had issue:

  1. Madeline Conacher,
    mar Louis Allen.

  2. Desmond Conacher.
    DNA match with various people. See below.
    He mar Kim Chown and had issue:

    1. Adam Conacher, mar Carolyn Ager and had issue:
      1. Benjamin Desmond Conacher.
      2. Madeline Catherine Conacher.
      3. Kate Anna Conacher.
    2. Megan Conacher, mar David Bastedo.


DNA matches

Desmond Conacher is a DNA match with all of the following:

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