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Part of Francis McGrath's RIC service record.
See full size. From here.

Francis McGrath,
born 1811 (according to age in RIC record) or 1809 (according to grave and death cert).
RIC record says he was from Co.Clare.
He died at and was buried at Cooraclare, Kilmacduane par, near Kilrush, Co.Clare. So this may be where he was originally from.
Note there are many McGraths in Kilmacduane par in [Tithe Survey].

He was a policeman in Irish Constabulary.
Joined Irish Constabulary 17 July 1837. RIC record says age 26, Catholic. Occupation listed as farmer.
Served in Co.Limerick.

He mar 7 Nov 1849 to Ellen Brew [or Ellen Drew, of Co.Clare].
Living Shanagolden, Co.Limerick, at children's baptisms 1853 to 1857.
Pensioned 1 June 1868.
He died 7 Dec 1872, Cooraclare, Co.Clare. He died in an accident when he was caught in the machinery in a mill.
See death cert from here.
He was bur Kilmacduane Graveyard, Cooraclare, Co.Clare. See inscription.
Ellen fl 1872.
See RIC payment to widow. From here.
Francis and Ellen had issue:

  1. Susan McGrath,
    bapt Susanne, 19 June 1853 [Shanagolden RC par records].
    Living Cooraclare, Co.Clare, at mar 1878.
    She mar 17 Aug 1878, Cooraclare RC church, to William Dwyer.
    See mar cert from here.

  2. Maurice McGrath,
    born late 1857, Shanagolden [RIC record],
    bapt 2 Aug 1857 [Shanagolden RC par records]. See record from here.
    Father died 1872.
    He was a policeman in the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC). Joined 8 Mar 1875 (age 17).
    RIC record describes his native county as Co.Clare.
    Promoted to Sergeant 1 Mar 1891.
    Living Dublin at mar 1893.

    He mar 20 August 1893, St. Finbarr's RC church, Cork,
    to Mary Suttle [Mary Kate, dau of Samuel Suttle, upholsterer and spirit dealer, of Cork city, by his wife Kate McCarthy].
    Mary was born 9 Aug 1866, 22 Paul St, Cork city. See birth cert from here.
    She was living Douglas St, Cork, at mar. See mar cert from here.

    As at 1898 Maurice was Sergeant at Upton (near Bandon), Co.Cork.
    He is listed in 1901 census at Upton police barracks, Garryhankard townland. He is Sergeant, head of station. His family have a separate listing, also at Upton police barracks.
    He retired from RIC. Discharged 6 June 1903 (age 45). Pensioned 7 June. Rank of Sergeant.
    See his RIC Certificate of Character, 21 June 1903.
    Became a Post Office official.
    They are listed in 1911 census at 2 Knockrea Terrace (think correct house number), Cork. He is former RIC Sergeant, retired on pension.
    Lived 2 Carrig View Terrace, Old Blackrock Rd, Cork.
    He died 9 Jan 1932, 1 Carrig View, Old Blackrock Rd, Cork, age 74 yrs. See death cert from here.
    Mary fl 1932.
    Maurice and Mary had issue:

    1. Frank McGrath,
      Francis Albert McGrath,
      born 27 Mar 1898, Upton police barrack, Co.Cork [GROI].

Baptism of Maurice McGrath, Shanagolden, 2 Aug 1857.

Part of Maurice McGrath's RIC service record.
See full size. From here.

Mary Suttle's father Samuel Suttle listed as spirit dealer at 22 Paul St, Cork, in [Directory of Cork & Munster, 1867, p.195].
Also listed as such in alphabetical directory (p.151).
He is listed among Spirit Dealers (p.263).
He is not listed among Upholsterers (p.266).

Maurice McGrath and Mary Suttle with their son Frank and their daughter Nellie.
See full size.


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