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Frank McGrath

Frank McGrath and Helen Cashel, around 1930.
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Possibly taken on their honeymoon (1926).
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Frank McGrath,
born 27 Mar 1898, Co.Cork.
At mar 1926 he is listed as "University Lecturer", living Carrig View, Blackrock Rd, Cork.
He mar 1926 to Helen Cashel [born 17 Oct 1899, descendant through Blennerhassett of Edward III].
His father and grandfather and her grandfather were Irish Constabulary / Royal Irish Constabulary policemen.
He was Prof. of Dairy Engineering, Faculty of Dairy Science, UCC.
They lived 5 Eldred Terrace, South Douglas Rd, Cork, there as at 1927-30.
Moved by 1932 to 17 Knockrea park, Douglas Rd, Cork.
Living Knockrea park when he registered his father's death Jan 1932.
Frank died 1967, age 69 yrs, bur St. Finbarr's cemetery, Glasheen Road, Cork.
Helen died 1973, age 74 yrs, bur St. Finbarr's cemetery.
Frank and Helen had issue:

  1. Mary McGrath, born 1927,
    mar 1stly to Christopher Britton,
    mar 2ndly to Tom Prior,
    had issue by 1st husband:

    1. Brenda Britton.
    2. Paula Britton, mar David McClelland.
    3. Peter Britton, mar Carol ---- and had issue:
      1. Christopher Britton.
      2. Laura Britton.
      3. Cormac Britton.
    4. Anne Britton.
    5. John Britton, mar ---- and had issue.
    6. Maurice Britton, mar ---- and had issue.

  2. Morna McGrath.
    She mar Patrick Ryall and had issue.

  3. Maurice McGrath.

  4. Frank McGrath.
    DNA match to many people. See below.
    He mar Ruth Appelbe and had issue:

    1. Patricia McGrath, mar Tommy Nolan and had issue:
      1. Cashel Nolan.
      2. Sean Nolan.

    2. Barbara McGrath, mar Colin Buckley and had issue:
      1. Muireann Buckley, mar Daniel Murphy and had issue:
        1. Clodagh Murphy.
        2. Ríona Murphy.
      2. Alan Buckley.
      3. Richard Buckley.
      4. Sarah Buckley.

    3. Ruth McGrath, mar Allan Smith and had issue:
      1. Thomas Smith.
      2. James Smith.

  5. Jack McGrath.

  6. Helen McGrath.
    DNA match to many people. See below.
    She mar Raymond Elwood and had issue:

    1. David Elwood, mar ----.
    2. Finbarr Elwood, mar Patricia ---- and had issue.
    3. Geraldine Elwood, mar ---- and had issue.
    4. Helen Elwood, mar Norman Barry and had issue:
      1. John Barry.
      2. Jessica Barry.
    5. Raymond Elwood, mar Michele --- and had issue:
      1. Philip Elwood.

DNA matches

Frank McGrath is a DNA match with all of the following:

Helen McGrath is a DNA match with all of the following:


Helen Cashel.
Think at First Communion.
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This looks like Pat Lavelle on RHS in McGrath photo, date 1922.
Wonder if LHS is Helen Cashel.
See larger and full size and other shot.

Helen Cashel.
See larger and full size.
Courtesy of Mitrina Ryall.


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