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Rowan Francis Cashel

Summerhill House, Nenagh.
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Rowan Francis Cashel, born 1824,
Dr. Rowan F. Cashel.
MD KQCPI (MD of King's and Queen's College of Physicians of Ireland, now Royal College of Physicians of Ireland).
LKQCPI (Licentiate of King's and Queen's College of Physicians of Ireland).
He specialised in midwifery. (Note that first his mother and then his stepmother died while he was a child, perhaps connected to childbirth.)
Medical cert exists from 1849.
MRCSE (Member of Royal College of Surgeons of England), 9th Aug 1850. He is listed as of Silvermines, Co.Tipperary.
At mar 1851 he is listed as "Surgeon", age 27, living "Lacken".
This is prob. Lackan, Kilkenny West par, Co.Westmeath (next to Ballyloughloe par), or poss. Lackan, Lackan par, Co.Westmeath (nowhere near Ballyloughloe), or poss. Lacken, Terryglass par, far N of Co.Tipperary.

He mar 1stly, 13th May 1851, Ballyloughloe par church (C of I), Ballyloughloe par, Co.Westmeath [GROI, Protestant marriages],
to Emily Kingsley [Emily Harriett Kingsley, born 1832, dau of James Kingsley, "Officer", NOT Kinsley].
She was living "Ballin--ck" at mar.
They had no issue.
Rowan is listed as of Toomevara (or Toomyvara), Aghnameadle par (somewhat to the E of Nenagh), Co.Tipperary, in [Deeds, 1857].

His wife's affair, 1858, and their divorce, 1866:
Rowan and Emily ceased living together on or about 20th Mar 1858, when he discovered that she was having an affair with Jonathan Harding, gentleman, of Bessborough, Ballymackey par, Co.Tipperary (N of Toomevara, E of Nenagh).
[Irish Times, March 8, 1866] describes the case: "Dr. Twiss .. described the marriage between the parties as being a love marriage. They had lived together for years on terms of the greatest affection, but unhappily there lived in the neighbourhood an intimate friend and schoolfellow of Dr. Cashel, with whom they were on terms of the greatest intimacy, and who had always free access to the house. Dr. Cashel was frequently absent the whole day visiting his patients, and thus opportunities were afforded to Mr. Harding to seduce the affections of the petitioner's wife. In" [Feb] "1858 the suspicions of Dr. Cashel were first aroused by finding his wife's bedroom door locked, and seeing Mr. Harding shortly after on the stairs."
"four weeks afterwards" [or "about five weeks" afterwards, on or about 20th Mar 1858] "Mrs. Cashel made a confession to Dr. Cashel, in which she admitted her guilt, and thereupon he at once took her to her father's house, and since that time he had had no communication with her."
"since that time she had not lived with Dr. Cashel; she had since gone to America".
Rowan began an action in the Court of Common Pleas of Ireland against Harding, 5th Feb 1859. This came to trial at Nenagh Spring Assizes, 15th-17th Mar 1859. He won £1000 damages and costs, final judgement entered 11th Apr 1859.
Rowan got his full qualification in midwifery, KQCPI, 21st Dec 1860.
On 2nd Jan 1861, he "exhibited a Libel" against his wife in the Consistorial Court of Dublin, and on the 16th July 1861 a "Sentence of Divorce from Bed and Board and mutual Cohabitation" was pronounced against her. Think this means his responsibilities to his wife were over.
Damages from Harding trial paid to him Feb 1862. Harding gave a cheque for £1000 to him.
He finally completely divorced his wife by [private act of parliament, 30th Apr 1866]. Think she gets nothing, he gets the entire estate. "The bill enacted that .. Mrs. Cashel should be barred from any right to dower, and that the offending parties should be prohibited from intermarrying." [Irish Times, March 8, 1866].
He is listed as living Toomevara at divorce 1866.
He is listed as living Toomevara at 2nd mar 1866.

He mar 2ndly, 12th June 1866, Ballymackey par church (C of I), Ballymackey par, Co.Tipperary [GROI], to Charlotte Willington [dau of James Willington].
She is listed as living [think "Hermitage"], Ballymackey, at mar.
He is listed as owning 2 acres at Toomevara in [Owners of Land, 1876].
At time of death he was living Summerhill (Georgian house), Summerhill (street running N out of Nenagh), Nenagh, Co.Tipperary (see map).
He died 8th Oct 1878, Summerhill, Nenagh [GROI], age 54 yrs.
Will pr 14th Nov 1878, Principal Registry, Dublin.
Charlotte fl 1878, living Summerhill.
She apparently fl 1885.

Summerhill House, Nenagh.
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