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Collins of Crumlin, Co.Dublin

Marriage of Patrick Collins to Mary Walsh, 16 Feb 1836 [Rathfarnham RC par records].

Patrick Collins,
farmer and market gardener, of Crumlin, Co.Dublin.
He is "Patrick" at mar, "Patt" at dau's bapt 1842.
He mar 16 Feb 1836 to Mary Walsh.
They mar at [Rathfarnham RC church] (also here).
Their marriage was wit by Martin Walsh and Winifred Worth.

Patrick Collins is listed at Crumlin Road, Crumlin, in [Pettigrew & Oulton] 1838 to 1843.
Patrick Collins is listed in Crumlin townland, Crumlin par, in [Griffiths Valuation, 1847] and [Griffiths Valuation, 1850]. He is occupying one plot with a house and rents a number of other plots without houses.
Patrick Collins, farmer and market gardener, is listed at Crumlin Road, Crumlin, in [Thom's] 1850 to 1877.
Listed as "gardener", of Crumlin, Co.Dublin, at his dau's marriage 1866 [GROI].
Mary or her dau might be Mary Collins of Crumlin who wit mar of Anne in 1866.
Mary or her dau might be "Marie Collins" who sp the bapt of Lizzie Flanagan in July 1868.
Patrick is listed as "gentleman" at son's mar 1877.
Map of Shaw estate as at 1879 still names the occupant as "Patrick Collins", suggesting he is still alive.
[Thom's, 1882] lists his son at Crumlin Road, but not him. He must be dead.
Patrick and Mary had issue:

  1. Mary Collins, bapt 1837 [Rathfarnham RC par records].
  2. Elenor Collins, bapt 1838 [Rathfarnham RC par records].
  3. Catherine Collins, bapt 1840 [Rathfarnham RC par records].

  4. Anne Collins,
    NOT Jane,
    born Crumlin, Co.Dublin,
    bapt 27 Nov 1842 [Rathfarnham RC par records], sp Christopher Walsh and Mary Doyle.
    [Frank Flanagan's memoirs] said: "My mother was a very beautiful and cultured woman, very devout and as charitable as her husband."
    Living Crumlin at mar.
    She mar 1866 to Alderman Michael Flanagan and had issue.

  5. Thomas Collins.
    He registered his brother's death 1884.
    His residence in 1884 is given as "Cross-roads, Crumlin" (this would match where we think the Collins house was).

  6. Christopher Collins,
    born 1846,
    of Crumlin, and of 124 Thomas St, Dublin.
    He must be Christopher Collins who sp the bapt of (his niece) Lizzie Flanagan July 1868.
    At mar he is listed as "gentleman", living 124 Thomas St, Dublin.
    He mar 22 May 1877 to Mary Guyden [or Guiden, Mary Ann, born 1855, dau of Christopher Guiden, "gentleman"].
    They mar at St.Kevin's RC church, Harrington St, South Circular Road, Dublin [GROI].
    She was living 39 Lombard St, Dublin, at mar.

    They are listed as living Crumlin at dau's birth 1878. He is "pawnbroker".
    [Thom's, 1882] lists him (but not his father) at Crumlin Rd, Crumlin.
    [Thom's, 1884] shows Christopher Collins, pawnbroker, at 124 Thomas St, and residence on Crumlin Road.
    He is listed as "pawnbroker and farmer" at death.
    Christopher died 25 Sept 1884, "Cross-roads, Crumlin", of "phthisis pulmonalis", age 38 yrs [GROI].
    Mary died 25 Sept 1888, age 33 yrs, at her sister-in-law's house Portmahon House. See death in [GROI]. She is "farmer's widow".
    See death notice in the Nation, Sept 28, 1888.
    Polly was orphaned at age 10.
    Christopher and Mary had issue:

    1. Polly Collins,
      Mary, Mary Margaret, born 28 Mar 1878, Crumlin, Co.Dublin [GROI].
      Her father died 1884.
      She was orphaned in Sept 1888, age 10.
      At her marriage in 1899 she is listed as living at her aunt's house, Portmahon House.
      She mar 21 June 1899 [her age 21] to P.V. Muldowney and had issue.
      They mar at RC church of Our Lady of Dolours, Dolphin's Barn [GROI].

  7. Saragh Collins,
    bapt 1850 [Rathfarnham RC par records].

Baptism of Anne Collins, 27 Nov 1842, [Rathfarnham RC par records].
It is written as an extra note at the start of 1843. See full size.

Thought to be Anne Collins (bapt 1842).
Does look like a younger version of her (see below). But photo would have to be around 1880 or earlier. Looks later than that.
See larger and full size.

Anne Collins, Portmahon House, perhaps c.1895.
See larger and full size.




The Collins farm, Crumlin, Co.Dublin

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