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Harry Conway, of Rhuddlan

Extract from genealogy of Dryhurst, or Drihurst.
From p.169 of [Williams, 1860].

Harry Conway.
or Conwy, or Henry.
Son of Peter Conway, Archdeacon of St. Asaph (or Piers).
[Bartrum's Welsh Genealogies] says he was of Rhuddlan, Flintshire (now Denbighshire).
[Williams, 1860] says he was of "Rithland" (old name for Rhuddlan).
His father died 1532.
He mar Grace Dryhurst.
She was dau of Hugh Dryhurst, or Drihurst, of Denbigh, by his wife Lucy Grimsdiche.
They had issue:

  1. Capt. Jenkin Conway.
    He was granted Killorglin, Co.Kerry, in 1587.
    Ancestor of Conway of Co.Kerry.
    See Wikitree.

Origin of the Irish family

Harry Conway, son of Piers the Archdeacon, definitely exists.
And Capt. Jenkin Conway, ancestor of the Irish family, definitely exists.
The question is are they father and son?


Extracts from the 1639 pedigree.
Goes as far as Harry.
From p.37 and p.39 and p.46 of [Ebblewhite, 1896]

Extract from "Black Jack's Book" (c.1737) claims to show the line to Jenkin Conway of Ireland.
From p.50 of [Hickson, 1872].

CONWAY on p.52 of [Smith, 1756].
He says Capt. Jenkin Conway "brought over three brothers into Ireland, who were descended from Sir Hugh, and Sir Henry Conway in Wales, viz. Hugh, Edward and William".

Children of Harry Conwy.
From p.330 of Bartrum's Welsh Genealogies.
Shows "Jenkin" (note it is two sons Harry and Jenkin) and says he is a Captain.
Shows Jenkin with brothers Hugh and William.

Sources yet to be consulted

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