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Capt. Jenkin Conway

Capt. Jenkin Conway.
See Wikitree.
He mar Mary Herbert [born est c.1550, poss. descendant of Henry I].
They must have lived for a time in London.
What must be their children Elizabeth and Jenkin are found baptised 1576 and 1577 at St Margaret's, Westminster, London.

Capt. Jenkin was an officer who served in Ireland against the Desmond Rebellion.
[Rowan, 23 May 1908] says he came to Ireland in 1583 (the last year of the Rebellion).
In 1587 he was granted Killorglin, Co.Kerry, as part of the Munster Plantation.
He was granted the 13th century Killorglin Castle.
Grant confirmed 1592.
Also granted the island of Innisfallen in Lough Leane near Killarney.
Killorglin Castle was burned in Aug 1600, during the Nine Years' War.

Capt. Jenkin was apparently killed in 1607, "by a shot through the body".
See letters from his son to the Earl of Salisbury, apparently in 1608 to 1612. These say that his father spent 24 years as a commander in Ireland.
We know for sure he died before 1612.
Capt. Jenkin and Mary had issue:

  1. Alice Conway,
    eldest dau.
    She mar Edward Roe [or Edmund].
    He was a wealthy burgess of Tralee, Co.Kerry.
    He was appointed in 1613 surveyor of the work of walling Tralee, which work did not happen. See [Hickson, 13 May 1908].
    They lived at Cloghane (or Clahane) near Tralee. This was a house on the W side of Ballymullen, SE side of Tralee.
    Page 30 of [Rowan, 1846] says Arthur Denny leased Cloghane to Edward Roe on 4 Apr 1619.
    They had issue:

    1. Elizabeth Roe.
      [Hickson, 14 Apr 1897] shows her name was Elizabeth, not Alice.
      She was heiress of Cloghane (or Clahane), near Tralee, Co.Kerry.
      She mar 1632-1638 to James Conway [of Dublin] and had issue.
      See 1632 diary entry about their proposed marriage.
      They were married by 1638. See ["The Conways of Kerry", 1920].
      Ancestors of Conway of Cloghane (or Clahane), Co.Kerry.

  2. Elizabeth Conway.
    She must be bapt at St.Margaret's Church, Westminster, 26 Aug 1576 (see below).
    She mar Robert Blennerhassett and had issue.

  3. Jenkin Conway.
    He must be bapt at St.Margaret's Church, Westminster, 26 Sept 1577 (see below).
    He eventually built a new castle at Killorglin and re-named it Castle Conway.


Baptisms in London, 1576 and 1577

Elizabeth Conway and Jenkin Conway, children of Jenkin Conway, are baptised at St Margaret's, Westminster, London, in 1576 and 1577.
There are other Jenkin Conways. But this must be this family.
They must have lived for a time in London before they moved to Ireland.


Baptism of Elizabeth Conway, St.Margaret's Church, Westminster, 26 Aug 1576.
From p.35 of [Burke, 1914].

Baptism of Jenkin Conway, St.Margaret's Church, Westminster, 26 Sept 1577.
From p.36 of [Burke, 1914].


Killorglin Castle in 1600 (during the Nine Years' War)


Killorglin Castle was burned by Florence MacCarthy in Aug 1600, during the Nine Years' War.
This was during the Munster campaign of George Carew, President of Munster.
Extract from [Pacata Hibernia, 1633].
This is from pp.238-239 of vol.1 of 1896 edn.

Discussion of the above section of Pacata Hibernia.
Extract from [Hickson, 9 May 1908].

Killorglin Castle ("Killorgan") is mentioned as a strategic castle in Kerry in 1600.
This is a dispatch of Dec 1600 by George Carew, President of Munster, during the Nine Years' War.
He refers to Florence MacCarthy, who was organising for a Spanish force to land.
From p.138 of the published Calendar of State Papers, Ireland, vol.10.

The same mentioned on pp.223-224 of [MacCarthy, 1867].
See also [Hickson, 9 May 1908].



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