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Jenkin Conway, of Castle Conway

Confirmation of the grant of Killorglin and Innisfallen to Jenkin Conway, 10 Oct 1613.
Date is 10 Oct, 11th James I (March 1613 to March 1614).
Extract from "Old Kerry Records" by Hickson, re-published on 9 May 1908.

Jenkin Conway,
bapt 26 Sept 1577, London,
poss. descendant of Henry I.
His father came to Ireland in 1583.
His father was granted Killorglin, Co.Kerry, in 1587. And was also granted Innisfallen in Lough Leane near Killarney.

He (not his father) is apparently the "Jenkin Conway" who had the grant of Killorglin and Innisfallen confirmed by patent, 10 Oct 1613.
He built a new castle at Killorglin and re-named it Castle Conway.
He mar Avice Dalton [or Avis, of Knockmore, Co.Waterford].
Page 29 of [Rowan, 1846] says she was of Knockmourne, Co.Waterford.
Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork wrote to Jenkin in 1632. See 1632 diary entry.
He was bur in the chapel at Castle Conway.
See his now-vanished tomb at Castle Conway.
Jenkin and Avice had issue:

  1. Edward Conway,
    only son.
    He mar Catherine Ryeves [possibly a descendant of Edward III but not proved].
    He inherited Castle Conway.
    He had no son. The male line from Capt. Jenkin Conway ended with him.
    He was bur in the chapel at Castle Conway.
    See his now-vanished tomb at Castle Conway.
    Edward and Catherine had issue:

    1. Avice Conway [or Avis],
      "Avicia" in the Latin on her tomb,
      would be after grandmother,
      co-heiress of Castle Conway,
      mar perhaps around 1660 to Capt. Robert Blennerhassett and had issue.

1632 diary entry


Entry of 19 May 1632 in diary of Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork.
From p.141 of vol.3 (1886) of Lismore Papers.

Discussion of the above diary entry in [Hickson, 14 Apr 1897].
It is about the proposed match of Jenkin Conway's niece Elizabeth Roe with James Conway.

Tomb at Castle Conway

There was an inscription on the Conway-Blennerhassett tomb at Castle Conway, erected after 1732.
This recalled Jenkin and Edward Conway, grandfather and father of Avice Conway: "Jenkin et Edwardus Conway".

The inscription as written in "Black Jack's Book" (c.1737).
This is p.38 of MS 7937.

The inscription on p.148 of [Smith, 1756].

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