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Claybrooke Hall, Leicestershire

Claybrooke Hall (or Claybrook Hall), opposite the church, Claybrooke Parva, Leicestershire.
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Claybrooke Hall.
Photo 2014. See full size and closer shot.
See street view.

Claybrooke Hall was built in 1718.
BBC says built 1710 "with underground passage to church".
It was purchased 1765 by Cluer Dicey. He died 1775.
Seat of Thomas Dicey. He died 1807.
Seat of Thomas Edward Dicey.
English Heritage says the current building is early 19th century.
In 1847 the Diceys left the Midlands and moved to London.
They continued to own Claybrooke for many years but did not live there.
Thomas Edward Dicey died 1858.
Claybrooke Hall sold 1885. Think Diceys owned it until then.
Claybrooke Hall survives today, is a listed building.
It was for sale as at 2014.

Claybrooke Hall, on E side of Claybrooke Parva, opposite the church.
From 1886 map.

Claybrooke Hall (the building on the E side of this cluster).
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From Google Maps.
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Claybrooke Hall, early 20th century (after Dicey left).
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Claybrooke Hall.
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Claybrooke Hall.
Photo 2007 by Mat Fascione. See terms of use.


Claybrooke Hall for sale as at 2014

For sale at

Claybrooke Hall.

The gate from the other side.

Claybrooke Hall.

Claybrooke Hall. Front door.

The grounds.
See street view from other side.

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