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Thomas Dicey

Grave of Thomas Dicey, Claybrooke Parva church.
Photo 2014. See full size and wider shot.

Thomas Dicey,
born 26 Mar 1742,
of Claybrooke Hall, Leicestershire.
He ran the Northampton Mercury.
He mar 4 Mar 1766 to Ann Ward [born 1747, dau of Rev. William Ward].
See note on their family in [Archives of the Frewen Family, East Sussex Record Office].
Date of marriage is strange given when children were born.

Thomas was heir of his father in 1775.
Dicey's business continued at Bow Church Yard, London. Now patent medicines rather than printing.
An ad in The Cumberland Pacquet, April 22, 1777 shows Dicey business at Bow Church Yard, London, still selling Dr. Bateman's Pectoral Drops.
In 1779, Thomas is described as "of Stocks Hall near Jarington", Buckinghamshire (unidentified), as well as the owner of Claybrooke Hall.
Resident at Upper Tooting, Surrey, 1798-1800.
He was a vestryman of Bow church until c.1800 when he may have retired from business in London.

He died 21 Oct 1807, age 65 yrs.
He was bur in St. Peter's Church, Claybrooke Parva (opposite Claybrooke Hall).
Ann survived him.
See note, apparently to her, of possibly 1813, in [Hannah More papers, Harvard University].
She died 7 Aug 1831, age 84 yrs.
She was bur in St. Peter's Church, Claybrooke Parva.
They had issue:

  1. Anna Dicey, born 1781,
    died 3 Oct 1801, age 20 yrs,
    bur in St. Peter's Church, Claybrooke Parva.

  2. Emma Dicey, born 1783,
    died 28 Apr 1805, age 22 yrs,
    bur in St. Peter's Church, Claybrooke Parva.
    The religious writer Hannah More wrote an epitaph to her and her sister there.

  3. Clara Dicey,
    born 3 September 1784.

  4. Thomas Edward Dicey, only son,
    born at Claybrooke Hall on 11 October 1789, NOT 1798.

Thomas Dicey, printer, listed at Market Hill, Northampton, on p.35 and p.36 of "A State of the Poll for Members of Parliament to represent the Town and Borough of Northampton", 1768.
This was voting for Northampton in the 1768 election.

Dicey's listed at Bow Church yard, London, in [Post Office Directory, 1808].

Grave of Anna and Emma Dicey, Claybrooke Parva church.
With epitaph by the religious writer Hannah More.
"Sweet Pair, from life, love, friendship snatched away. When your fair dawn announced so bright a day! Where now the hopes your blooming virtues raised? Where now each grace parental fondness praised?"
Photo 2014. See full size and wider shot.

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