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My wife's ancestors - Fairchild - Contents

John Fairchild


Marriage of John Fairchild and Mary Bell, 30 Oct 1746.
From here.

John Fairchild,
bapt 7 Apr 1719, at Greatford, near Stamford, Lincolnshire.
See entry in tree by Shirley Jones.
His father died 1725.

He mar 30 Oct 1746 to Mary Bell [born 1715].
They mar at St Martin's Church (Stamford Baron), Stamford.
Children bapt Stamford 1747 to 1758.
They are the only Fairchild family in Stamford baptisms in this period.
John is listed as a "joiner" at children's baptisms 1750 to 1758. This is a maker of small wooden items, especially small furniture.

Mary dies, 1768:
Mary was bur 31 May 1768, age 53, at St.Michael's church, Stamford.
John fl 1768.
He would be John Fairchild, widower, of St.Michael's parish, Stamford, who mar 20 May 1783 to Susanna Hercock. See mar entry from here.
He died 3 Jan 1788, age 68 yrs [grave].
He was bur 9 Jan 1788, St.Michael's church, Stamford. Burial record describes him as a "joiner", age 68.
John and Mary had issue:

  1. Rowland Fairchild,
    bapt 12 Sept 1747, St.George's church, Stamford.
    He may be Rowland Fairchild who mar 29 Apr 1771 at Maxey, Northamptonshire (just E of Stamford) to Anne Wright (or Right).
    He may be Rowland Fairchild who mar 26 May 1776 at Maxey to Hannah Forster.

  2. John Fairchild,
    bapt 28 Nov 1748, St.Michael's church, Stamford. NOT 23 Nov.

  3. Christopher Fairchild,
    bapt 26 Feb 1750 (new style year), St.Michael's church, Stamford.
    Regarded at the time as the end of 1749.

  4. Charles Fairchild,
    bapt 20 Sept 1756, St.Michael's church, Stamford.
    He died as a baby.
    He was bur 9 Oct 1756, St.Michael's church, Stamford.

  5. Charles Fairchild,
    second Charles,
    bapt 10 Apr 1758, St.Michael's church, Stamford.
    Newspaper report at his death says his birthday is 13 March, so must be born 13 Mar 1758.

    Proof this is our Charles Fairchild of Stamford:

    • Fairchild is a rare surname in this area.
    • Our Charles is a cabinet maker, and apparently a "joiner" (the same thing). This John was a "joiner". Clearly the family trade.
    • Our Charles called his eldest son John.
    • With the brother Christopher Fairchild, we get two brothers marrying two sisters.
    • Finally, Charles' death and burial say he would be born 1758. This fits this baptism perfectly.

Sir Geoffrey Newman-Morris, descendant of Charles Fairchild, tells a family story about a brother and a nephew of Charles Fairchild.
See full page. From [Newman-Morris, 1982].


Fairchild grave, St.Michael's church, Stamford

John Fairchild grave, St.Michael's church, High St, Stamford.
See 1981 survey of the graves.
This says the graveyard is being re-developed for shopping, and the gravestones will be moved. See plan.
In fact the entire church was converted to shops. See modern street view.
See findagrave.

Burial of Mary Bell, 31 May 1768, St.Michael's church, Stamford (presumably same plot as husband later).
From here.

Burial of John Fairchild, 9 Jan 1788, St.Michael's church, Stamford.
From here.

Reading (in 1981) of the gravestone of John Fairchild, St.Michael's church, Stamford.

St.Michael's church and graveyard, Stamford.
From OS map. Surveyed: 1885. Published: 1886.

Location of Fairchild grave (no.85) in the 1981 survey.
N is approximately up (not exactly).
The church building is top-left. No.85 was in the churchyard. To the right is Maiden Lane.
The 1981 plan says the stones ringed in red will be re-located along the S boundary of the site or the S wall of the church.

Screenshot from modern street view of the church, looking W.
Showing the re-located gravestones at S side of church.
The Fairchild grave was on the LHS here before it was cleared.
The gravestone probably survives in this row on the LHS.


Children's baptisms


Baptism of Rowland Fairchild, 12 Sept 1747.
From here.

Baptism of John Fairchild, 28 Nov 1748.
From here.

Baptism of Christopher Fairchild, 26 Feb 1750 (new style year).
From here.

Baptism of Charles Fairchild, 20 Sept 1756.
From here.

Burial of the infant Charles Fairchild, 9 Oct 1756.
From here.

Baptism of the second Charles Fairchild, 10 Apr 1758.
From here.

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