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My wife's ancestors - Fairchild - Contents

Charles Fairchild

Proof of Fairchild/Sharp ancestry of our family

  1. See Day for proof our family descends from John Day and Ann Fairchild of Stamford.
  2. See Charles Fairchild's will for proof he is father of that Ann Fairchild.
  3. So Frances Sharp is mother of that Ann Fairchild.
  4. Note Ann Fairchild named her children Charles Day and Frances Day.
  5. Sarah Sharp's will says she is aunt of that Ann Fairchild.
  6. Finally, Robert Hotchkin's will (Sarah Sharp's husband) says his brother-in-law is Francis Sharp, musician.
  7. It is proved. Our family descends from Frances Sharp, sister of Francis Sharp junior and Sarah Sharp, of the musical Sharp family.
Charles Fairchild,
bapt 10 Apr 1758,
of Stamford, Lincolnshire.
At marriage he is listed as of parish of St.Michael, Stamford. Looks like he is listed as a joiner (his father's trade).

He mar 20 Oct 1779 to Frances Sharp [bapt 23 June 1758].
He was age 21. She was age 21 and apparently pregnant. They mar at Stamford.
They lived Stamford.
He was a cabinet maker.
His will also shows he had musical books and instruments.
At death of his wife 1798 he is described as "parish clerk", St.George's church, Stamford.

Frances dies, 1798:
She was bur June 1798, St.George's church, Stamford.
Charles' brother's widow Kingborough Fairchild committed suicide 1816. Later Charles too would commit suicide.
Charles is listed as clerk to St.George's church, Stamford, in Pigot's Directory, 1828-29.
He is not listed under "cabinet makers" in Stamford on p.558 of Pigot's Directory, 1828-29. Might have retired.
His will dated 6 Sept 1834. He is "cabinet maker", of Stamford.
At death 1837 he is described as widower, and "upwards of 40 years" clerk of St.George's parish (i.e. since 1797 or earlier).

Charles dies by suicide, 1837:
He committed suicide at his house in Stamford on Mon 6 March 1837.
Newspaper report says it was on Mon 6 Mar 1837. Though inquest says 7 Mar 1837.
See report in Stamford Mercury, Fri 10 March 1837. Describes him as "cabinet maker", age 79. Says his birthday is 13 March.
Coroners' Inquest says he died by suicide. "Lunatic - cut throat". Age given as 79 (born 1758).
Burial entry says at death he was living on "Black Friary St", Stamford. This would be Blackfriars St, right beside St.George's church. See modern street view.
He was buried 13 Mar 1837 at St.George's church, Stamford. Age given as 79 (born 1758).
His will proved 30 May 1838.
Charles and Frances had issue:

  1. Ann Fairchild,
    bapt 15 May 1780, St.George's church, Stamford.
    She mar 21 June 1802 to John Day and had issue.
    They mar at St.George's church, Stamford.

  2. John Fairchild,
    bapt 27 July 1781 in Saint George's, Stamford.
    "John Fairchild" wit his sister's mar 1802.
    Not listed at father's death 1837. He may have died.

  3. Elizabeth Fairchild,
    bapt 1 July 1782 in Saint George's, Stamford.
    She mar 2 Apr 1805 in Saint George's, Stamford, to James Blake.
    She is apparently alive at father's death 1837.

  4. George Fairchild,
    bapt 16 Apr 1792 in Saint George's, Stamford.
    He died 14 June 1792, age 2 months.

  5. Mary Anne Fairchild,
    bapt 15 Nov 1794 in Saint George's, Stamford. Possibly should read 14 Nov.
    She must have died in infancy, given the name of her younger sister.

  6. Marian Fairchild,
    bapt "Marian", 20 Feb 1796, in Saint George's, Stamford.
    "Marian" in father's will.
    Unmarried as at father's will 1834.
    She is apparently alive at father's death 1837.
    She died unmarried.

Marriage of Charles Fairchild and Frances Sharp, 20 Oct 1779, St.George's church, Stamford.
From here.

Burial of Frances Sharp, June 1798, Stamford.
From here.

Charles Fairchild is listed as clerk to St.George's church, Stamford.
From p.560 of Pigot's Directory, 1828-29.

The will of Charles Fairchild, 1834, leaves his cabinet making tools to his son-in-law John Day (a stonemason).
He leaves his musical books and instruments to his son-in-law James Blake.

The suicide of Charles Fairchild.
From Stamford Mercury, 10 March 1837.

Burial of Charles Fairchild, 13 Mar 1837.
From here.

Area around St.George's church, Stamford.
Showing Blackfriars St.
From OS map. Surveyed: 1885. Published: 1886.


Charles Fairchild, musician

Charles Fairchild's wife was from the musical Sharp family of Stamford. Her father and brothers were musicians.
We know (from his will) that Charles Fairchild had musical books and instruments.
Music is probably how they met.
So the following would be our Charles Fairchild.

Charles Fairchild of Stamford features on p.22 of Musical Directory, 1794 by Joseph Doane.
He played the bassoon for the New Musical Fund.

Entry for Charles Fairchild on p.140 of Vol.5 (1978) of [Bio. Actors etc.].


Children's baptisms


Baptism of Ann Fairchild, 15 May 1780.
From here.

Baptism of John Fairchild, 27 July 1781.
From here.

Baptism of Elizabeth Fairchild, 1 July 1782.
From here.

Baptism of George Fairchild, 16 Apr 1792.
From here.

Baptism of Mary Anne Fairchild, 15 Nov 1794.
From here.

Baptism of Marian Fairchild, 20 Feb 1796.
From here.



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