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Evans, Baron Carbery

The old Cappercullen Castle, in the parish of "Abbeyouthneybeg" (Abington) in the [Down Survey, 1658].
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Lieutenant George Evans.
He was first given a lease of Cappercullen Castle, Co.Limerick, in 1660.
He was living in Cappercullen Castle in 1699.
He died 1709.
He had issue:

George Evans,
born 1655,
of Bulgaden Hall, Co.Limerick.
He mar 1679 to Mary Eyre.
His son was cr Baron 1715.
Cappercullen House was built 1717-1718 on a different site to the old castle.
He died 1720.
George and Mary had issue:

George Evans, 1st Baron Carbery.
He mar 1703 to Anne Stafford.
He was cr Baron 1715.
He died 1749.
1st Baron and Anne had issue:

George Evans, 2nd Baron Carbery.
He mar 1732 to Frances Fitzwilliam.
He succ 1749.
He died 2 Feb 1759.
Frances died 30 July 1789.
2nd Baron and Frances had issue:

  1. George Evans, 3rd Baron Carbery.
    He succ 1759.
    He leased out Cappercullen House to Grady in 1759.
    He died 1783.
    He had issue:

    1. George Evans, 4th Baron Carbery.
      He died 1804.

  2. John Evans, 5th Baron Carbery.
    He died 1807. Title then went to the line of the brother of the 2nd Baron.
    He had issue:

    1. Frances Evans.
      She mar 1789 to William Preston and had issue.
      "The Misses Preston" took up residence in Cappercullen House after Grady left around 1808. They are named as heirs of the 5th Baron. They lived at Cappercullen House until 1820.

  3. Frances Evans,
    She mar 1stly to Edward Warter Wilson.
    She mar 2ndly to Eleazar Davy.
    She died 1802.
    The Evans/Carbery/Davy papers seem to have come through this line.

Frances Fitzwilliam.
Portrait 1771 by Hugh Douglas Hamilton.
From entry for Hamilton in [Dictionary of pastellists].
See caption.



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