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Bateman of Co.Kerry

Major Rowland Bateman of Killeen was party to [Deed of 1697], which is mentioned here in [Deed of 1726].

Henry Bateman,
mar Elizabeth Wasbye [dau of John Wasbye],
had issue:

Major Rowland Bateman.
Cromwellian officer. Settled in Ireland.
Customs collector at Tralee, Co.Kerry.
High Sheriff of Co.Kerry 1669.
He mar Charity Wilson.
He was granted Killeen, NE side of Tralee.
"Rowland Bateman" of Tralee is on a List of Grand Jurors in 1679 [Hickson, 23 May 1908, p.4].
Killeen House (or Oak Park) was built 1697.
He is Rowland Bateman of Killeen who is party to [Deed of 1697] with James Yeilding of Tralee. He leases extensive land near Tralee to Yeilding.
He died between 1697 and 1714 [Deed of 1726].
"Rowland Bateman" is listed as one of the Commissioners for Kerry in 1697-1698 [Hickson, 23 May 1908, p.4].
Major Rowland and Charity had issue:

  1. Belinda Bateman.
    She mar Richard Yielding and had issue.

  2. Francis Bateman, of Killeen.
    He died without issue in 1707. His brother John inherited Killeen.
    [Deed of 1734] says his will was dated 2 June 1707. He left £100 to his sister Belinda.

  3. John Bateman,
    of Killeen House (or Oak Park), Tralee.
    "John Bateman" is listed as one of the Commissioners for Kerry in 1697-1698. [Hickson, 23 May 1908, p.4] says it is this John.
    He is John Bateman of Killeen who is party to [Deed of 1714] with James Yeilding of Tralee.
    He died 1719.
    He had issue:

    1. Rowland Bateman,
      of Oak Park, born 1705.

    2. John Bateman, of Alta Villa, Co.Limerick,
      mar 1stly, 1745, to Elizabeth Sadleir (or Sadlier),
      mar 2ndly, 1756, to Grace Brooke,
      died 1792,
      had issue by 2nd wife:

      1. Letitia Bateman,
        mar 1778 to Gerald Blennerhassett and had issue.

The start of the entry in [Burkes Irish, 1912].

Entry for John Bateman, of Alta Villa, in [Burkes Irish, 1912].

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