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Cosgrave grave, Goldenbridge cemetery, Inchicore, Co.Dublin

Burial place of W.T. Cosgrave (died 1965) and other family members.
Goldenbridge cemetery, Inchicore, Co.Dublin.
See 2009 street view of gate. (The council blocks are since gone.)

There was for many years a group of run-down council blocks, called St.Michael's Estate, beside the cemetery.
St.Michael's Estate has been replaced by a new development. The last of the old council blocks was demolished 2013.
There has long been a problem with vandalism at the cemetery.
The Cosgrave grave was vandalised in 2014.

Goldenbridge cemetery on 1887 to 1913 map.

Grave of W.T. Cosgrave and Louisa Flanagan, Goldenbridge cemetery.
See full size. From OldDublinTown. See here.
See other photo.

The vandalism of the Cosgrave grave in 2014.
See full size. From Sinead Hussey (RTE).

The vandalism of the Cosgrave grave in 2014.
From Irish Independent.

The grave repaired. Photo 2016.
See full size.
From John O'Grady.

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