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von Wattenwyl

Baron F. von Wattenwyl must be of the noble family of Wattenwyl.
The spelling de Watteville is also given for the same noble family.

The von Wattenwyl family listed in [Margaret Gibbon's death notice, 1911].


Baron F. von Wattenwyl.
He mar Caroline de Stentzsch [Caroline Josephine, born 13 Feb 1857].
The expenses book of Arthur Augustus Gibbon lists presents to "Josephine de Stentzsch" at various dates up to 1894.
They both fl 1911.
They had issue:

  1. Magitta von Wattenwyl.
    Expenses book of Arthur Augustus Gibbon lists "Pinafore for Margaret de Watteville" on 1 June 1880.
    If this is her, she must be born c.1878.
    Think she married and lived in Bern, Switzerland.
    Think she is the person referred to in her grandmother's letter of 13 Jan 1910, which says: "From" [think Bern] "we have good news - Margaret was confined on the 30 Dec [1909] of a fine healthy little boy. The other children are well and go daily to school.".

  2. Sonia von Wattenwyl.

  3. Baron Willy von Wattenwyl.
    He and his children are listed in [Margaret Gibbon's death notice, 1911]. Margaret Gibbon is referred to as the great-grandmother.
    He mar ---- and had issue:

    1. Yvonne von Wattenwyl, born pre-1911.
    2. Gérard von Wattenwyl, born pre-1911.
    3. Sigismund von Wattenwyl, born pre-1911.


Wonder if related

Possibly the same person as:

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