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The Palladian Bridge at Wilton

The Palladian Bridge at Wilton House was designed and built in 1737 by the 9th Earl of Pembroke.
It was based on a design by the Italian Renaissance architect Palladio (died 1580). Hence the name.
The bridge is built over the River Nadder to the S of the house.

This was England's first Palladian bridge, and attracted much admiration. Soon, copies of it were made.
An almost exact copy of the 9th Earl's bridge was built in 1738 in the gardens at Stowe House, Buckinghamshire.
There is a 1774 copy in Saint Petersburg, Russia, called the Marble Bridge.

The Palladian Bridge at Wilton has featured in much film and television drama.

View of S front with the Palladian Bridge.
Painted by Rex Whistler, 1935.
From here. Original from here.

The Palladian Bridge.
See full size.
Photo 2008. From here.

The Palladian Bridge.
Photo 1939. From here.

The Palladian Bridge, Wilton House. From the house (N) side of the river.
Photo 2003. See full size.

The Palladian Bridge, Wilton House.
From here.

View from the N.
On the RHS is the E facade of Wilton House.
A path runs down to the Palladian Bridge to the S (centre).
Photo 2003. See full size.
See wider shot (and full size).

Another shot of the E facade looking towards the bridge.
Photo 2003. See full size.

3D view from NE corner. Looking S along the E facade.
Drag to rotate. From here.
See more 3D views on Google Maps.

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