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Holywood of Artane, Co.Dublin

The family of Holywood or Hollywood or Holywode.
Seat at Artane Castle, Artane, Co.Dublin.

These three may be the same person:

Artane Castle

Artane Castle (or Artaine Castle), Artane, N Co.Dublin.
Artane Castle was occupied by St.Lawrence (presumably by descent from the marriage above) at the time of Silken Thomas' rebellion in 1534.
In this rebellion the Archbishop of Dublin, John Alen, enemy of the Geraldines, was captured at Artane Castle and executed by the rebels.
See [Sweeney, 1991], [Archer, 1975].

Artane on John Rocque's map of Dublin, 1757.
Artane Castle would be the large L-shaped building.

Artane Castle on 1829 to 1842 map.
The medieval castle was demolished 1825, and a new Artane Castle or Artane House built.

Artane Castle on 1887 to 1913 map.
Artane Castle became Artane Industrial school in 1870.

Today, nothing remains of the medieval castle. See [Bennett, 1991].
A ruin of the old Artane church survives. See street view.
The nearby shopping centre is called "Artaine Castle". See street view.

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