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William Preston, 2nd Viscount Gormanston

Tomb of William Preston, 2nd Viscount Gormanston, and his 2nd wife Eleanor Dowdall.
Stamullen, Co.Meath.
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William Preston, 2nd Viscount Gormanston.
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Acting Lord Deputy of Ireland when his father was called to England in 1493-1494.
He mar 1stly to Anne Burnell.
His father died 1503.
He fought in Battle of Knockdoe, Co.Galway, 1504.
Lord Deputy of Ireland 1515.
He mar 2ndly to Eleanor Dowdall [dau of Sir Thomas or Henry Dowdall, widow of John Nangle].
He died 21 September 1532.
He was buried at Stamullen, Co.Meath. Effigies of him and 2nd wife survive there.
[Matthews, 2011] says the monument dates from 1540.
He had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Jenico Preston, 3rd Viscount Gormanston,
    born 1502 (age 30 in 1532).
    He succ 1532.
    He mar 1stly to Catherine Fitzgerald [descendant of Edward I and of Aoife Mac Murrough].
    His will dated 15 Feb 1560.
    Though [Index to Dublin Wills] says will dated 1554.
    He died 1560 [Complete Peerage], age 58 yrs.
    He had issue by 1st wife:

    1. Elizabeth Preston,
      mar 1stly to Thomas Nangle, Baron of Navan,
      mar 2ndly to Richard Nugent, 4th Baron Delvin [born 1523] and had issue.

    2. Christopher Preston, 4th Viscount Gormanston,
      born 1537 (age 23 in 1560).

    3. Elenor Preston, mar John Bathe.

    4. Mary Preston, mar Michael Fitzwilliam and had issue.


Will of Jenico Preston, 3rd Viscount Gormanston (1554) listed in [Index to Dublin Wills].
This will was burnt in 1922.

The name of Jenico Preston, 3rd Viscount Gormanston, is inscribed on a tablet at Drumcondra Castle, Co.Dublin, which his daughter and her husband built, tablet dated 1560 (the year the 3rd Viscount died).

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