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Nugent, Baron Delvin

Delvin ("Castletowndelvin") on 1829 to 1842 map.
Showing Delvin Castle and church.
See 1887 to 1913 map.

The origin of the title Baron Delvin is obscure, and different numbering systems are used.
We will use the numbering in [Burkes Peerage].

Nicholas Nugent,
of Bracklyn, Co.Westmeath,
had issue:

William Nugent,
mar Katherine FitzJohn [dau of John FitzJohn],
he became Baron of Delvin, Co.Westmeath, through marriage,
listed as Baron of Delvin in 1388 to 1395,
Sheriff of Meath 1401,
Katherine died c.1406,
he died 1412-1422,
had issue:

Richard Nugent,
1st Baron Delvin according to [Burkes Peerage] numbering,
mar Katherine Drake [dau of Thomas Drake, of Carlanstown, Co Westmeath],
listed as Baron of Delvin in 1422 to 1436,
Sheriff of Meath 1428,
outlived his son, nearly outlived his grandson,
died 1475, at advanced age,
had issue:

James Nugent,
mar Elizabeth Holywood,
died 1458 (before his father),
had issue:

Christopher Nugent, 2nd Baron Delvin,
mar Elizabeth (or Anne) Preston,
died 1478, of plague,
had issue:

Richard Nugent, 3rd Baron Delvin.
He mar Elizabeth Fitzgerald [descendant of Edward I and of Aoife Mac Murrough and of Brian Boru].
He fought in Battle of Knockdoe, Co.Galway, 1504.
Vice-Deputy of Ireland 1527-28.
He died Feb 1538 (using new style year), at a great age.
He was bur Delvin church ("the church of Castleton Delvin").
3rd Baron and Elizabeth had issue:

  1. Sir Christopher Nugent,
    mar Marion St.Lawrence,
    died 1531 (before his father),
    had issue:

    1. Richard Nugent, 4th Baron Delvin,
      born 1523 (age 14 in 1537),
      succ 1538,
      mar Elizabeth Preston [descendant of Edward I],
      died 23 Nov 1559, age 36 yrs,
      had issue:

      1. Christopher Nugent, 5th Baron Delvin, born 1544.

  2. Sir Thomas Nugent,
    of Carlanstown, Co.Westmeath.
    Ancestor of Earl Nugent.

Delvin Castle and church

Delvin Castle and church, Main St, Delvin, Co.Westmeath.
See photos.
See entry for church in NIAH.

Delvin Castle (or Nugent Castle).
Nugent family seat until Clonyn Castle built 1639.
Photo 2013. See full size. From here. Creative Commons.
See street view.
See also 2007 photo. From here.

Delvin church.
Burial place of Richard Nugent, 3rd Baron Delvin (died 1538).
Burial place of Christopher Nugent, 5th Baron Delvin (died 1602).
Delvin Castle is in background.
Photo 2013. See full size. From here. Creative Commons.
See street view.


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