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Benjamin Hopper

From p.5 and p.6 of Hopper genealogy (before 1852).

Benjamin Hopper,
born 22 Jan 1772, Etal, Northumberland.
He served for 24 years in the Royal Navy.
[Noltie family memoir, c.1839] says he "was in several engagements in the late war". This refers to the Napoleonic Wars (1803-15).
He served on the ship Colossus at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.
A review of [Barrow, 2005] lists among the North-East sailors at the Battle of Trafalgar: "Benjamin Hopper, 30, from Etal in Northumberland, on Colossus".
Did not marry.
He retired from the navy 1830 (or "about 1828") with a pension.
In winter 1834 he went into Greenwich Hospital, London (Royal Naval Hospital for sailors, later became the Royal Naval College).

Greenwich Hospital, 1752.
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