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Hopper of Durham

The Hopper genealogy by Henry Noltie (died 1852) starts with Edward Hopper, born 1667, and his wife Elizabeth Teasdale.
See p.2.

Edward Hopper,
born 2 Feb 1667, in the parish of Lanchester, NC County Durham, a bit NW of Durham city (see map and close-up).

He mar 21 May 1723, Medomsley, NC County Durham (see transcript)
to Elizabeth Teasdale [born 25 Mar 1704, parish of Lanchester, Durham].
She is "Tesdale" on marriage transcript but descendants used "Teasdale".
Hopper genealogy says she was of Steeley Green, Satley, NC County Durham (SW of Lanchester, see map and satellite).
She might be "Elizabeth Wardail, or Teesdale" who was bapt 2 Apr 1700 at Medomsley, County Durham, dau of "Robert Wardail, or Teesdale". See transcript. Perhaps then born 25 Mar 1700.

Edward died 20 July 1755, age 88 yrs.
Elizabeth died 3 Sept 1766, age 62 yrs, at Brooms, parish of Lanchester. This is Brooms, E side of Leadgate, NC County Durham (see map).
Edward and Elizabeth had issue:

  1. Thomas Hopper,
    born 11 Oct 1724, parish of Lanchester, Durham,
    bapt 18 Oct 1724, Lanchester. See transcript.

  2. John Hopper,
    born 5 Dec 1726, parish of Lanchester, Durham,
    bapt 26 Dec 1726, Lanchester. See transcript.

  3. Edward Hopper,
    born 16 May 1729, parish of Lanchester, Durham,
    bapt 9 June 1730, Lanchester. See transcript.
    He died at Northwich, Cheshire, 12 Dec 1766, age 37 yrs.

  4. Mary Hopper,
    born 16 June 1732, parish of Lanchester, Durham,
    bapt 4 July 1732, Lanchester. See transcript.

DNA from 1667 can be detected in 2020

In 2020, it was discovered that a DNA match exists between the living descendants of two different children of Edward Hopper, namely:

Janet Noltie is 6th cousin of the grandmother of Peter Tily.

Possibly the DNA match is through some unknown closer line. But unless that is found, it does seem that DNA from 1667 can be detected in 2020!

Lanchester, Durham, on 1861 map.
St. Mary's church (now All Saints Church) is 12th century. See street view.
See Geograph.

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