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Sir Thomas Horseman

Tomb of Sir Thomas Horseman.
Burton Pedwardine church.
Photo 2006. See larger and full size.
From jmc4 on Flickr. Used with permission.

Sir Thomas Horseman,
or Horsman,
born 1536,
of "Slyford" (Sleaford) and Mareham, Lincolnshire.
See wikipedia.
History of Parliament says: "He was brought up in the family of Lord Burghley who launched him upon a career at court which lasted for 40 years."
Possibly educ Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 1555.
In 1585 Sir Thomas got a lease of the Parsonage of Chertsey, Surrey (SW side of London, pronounced "Churtsey").
MP for Grantham in 1593, 1597, 1601 and 1604.
He was taster / cup bearer to Elizabeth I.
Knighted 14 March 1604 (new style year).
Will dated 16 Oct 1609.
He died 26 Nov 1610, age 74.
Will pr 29 Nov 1610.
Effigy in Burton Pedwardine church.

Tomb of Sir Thomas Horseman

Tomb of Sir Thomas Horseman (died 1610).
Burton Pedwardine church.
See street view of entrance to church.

Effigy of Sir Thomas Horseman.
Photo 2006. See full size.
From jmc4. Used with permission.

Close-up of effigy of Sir Thomas Horseman.
Photo 2006. See larger and full size.
From jmc4. Used with permission.

Inscription on the tomb.
From p.351 of [Trollope, 1872].
Translation: "To the sacred memory of Sir Thomas Horsman, son and heir of Thomas Horsman esquire, sometime Lord of this Manor, and Elizabeth, one of the daughters and co-heirs of Sir Robert Hussey knight. Having from his early youth been educated in the liberal arts. Thereafter at the behest of the most distinguished William, Lord Burghley, Treasurer of England, he was for 40 years joined to the household of Queen Elizabeth and served and performed the function of taster / cup bearer to her serene Majesty The Queen." "A man distinguished for his profound faith, steadfastness and probity of morals, he died the 26th day of November 1610, full of days and well in his body for 74 years. As he desired Thomas Horsman, his nephew and heir, erected this monument to piously commemorate his memory."

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