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Bill Meagher

Bill Meagher,
William Meagher, born 27 Nov 1884,
of Cloneen House, Cloneen, Co.Tipperary.
His father died 1888.
His widowed mother farmed Cloneen.
Bill is at home in 1901 census.
At home in 1911 census. He is "farmer's son".
At mar in 1921 he is farmer, living Cloneen.
He mar 26 January 1921 to Elsie Humphreys [Ellen, born 30 Oct 1892].
He farmed at Cloneen House.
He died 1972.
She died 1974.
They had issue:

  1. Billy Meagher,
    William, eldest, born 1921,
    mar Mary Bradshaw,
    had issue:

    1. Helen Meagher, mar Pat O'Brien and had issue:
      1. Michael O'Brien.
      2. William O'Brien.
      3. Hugh O'Brien.

    2. Liam Meagher.
      DNA match to me.
      He mar Geraldine Anglim and had issue:
      1. Anne-Marie Meagher.
      2. Jenny Meagher.
      3. Eimer Meagher.
      4. Robert Meagher.

  2. Rosie Meagher,
    mar Martin Feehan
    and had issue:

    1. Pat Feehan, mar Mary Theresa Meagher and had issue:
      1. Martin Feehan.
      2. Ann Feehan.
      3. James Feehan.
      4. Padraig Feehan.
    2. Margaret Feehan, mar Willie O'Donnell and had issue:
      1. Colm O'Donnell.
      2. Marion O'Donnell.
      3. Clara O'Donnell.
      4. Emma O'Donnell.

  3. Paddy Meagher,
    Timothy Patrick Meagher,
    born July 1924, twin with Kathleen,
    mar Kathleen Maher and had issue:

    1. Billy Meagher.
    2. Pat Meagher, mar Mary Roche and had issue:
      1. Dawn-Patrice Meagher.
      2. Dannielle Meagher.
    3. Henry Meagher, mar Mary Fitzgerald and had issue:
      1. Rebecca Meagher.
      2. Cathal Meagher.
    4. Eleanor Meagher, mar Gregory O'Neill and had issue:
      1. Rachel Catherine O'Neill.
      2. Ashling Rose O'Neill.

  4. Kathleen Meagher,
    born July 1924, twin with Paddy,
    mar Christy Heffernan and had issue.

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