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Tim Humphrys, of Glenstal

Glenstal House.
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Tim Humphrys, of Glenstal,
bapt 17 Mar 1854.
"Timothy Humphrys" sp bapt of his niece Margaret Humphrys (Cis) in 1877.
He would be "Timothy Humphreys", delegate from Murroe at the National League convention for Co.Limerick, Town Hall, Limerick, Tue 22 July 1884. See item in the Nation, Saturday, July 26, 1884.
He helped found Murroe GAA club 1887 (not long after GAA formed 1884). He was vice-captain. See [Ó Ceallaigh, 1957].
The Murroe club played hurling. It won the first Limerick Senior Hurling Championship in 1887.

He mar 1891 to Bridget Lane [bapt 19 Nov 1858].
Tim is listed as farmer, living Glenstal, spelt "Humphrys", at dau's birth 1892.
His father died 1899. He inherited Glenstal, Co.Limerick, farmed there.
He held part of Glenstal, 127 acres (exact same estate as his father in 1850) under [Deed, 1899] (agreed after his father died).
[P106/172(5)] is letter of 13 Nov 1900 from Tim of Glenstal to Anno, asks about his brother Dr. David's health, calls him "Dave".
[P106/163] is letter of 24 Jan 1901 from Tim of Glenstal to Anno, "We were very glad to hear that Dave is improving".
In 1901 census he and his family are living with his mother at Glenstal. Tim listed as "farmer".
1901 census shows Tim as apparently the owner of the land (not just renting). The Humphrys family did not own Glenstal until turn of the century. They were renting for all the years before this.

He was elected District Councillor for the division of Glenstal, to much celebrating, according to a newspaper item in [Glenstal Abbey papers]. The date must be June 1902 (since it refers to an heir being born to Sir Charles Barrington, 5th Baronet).
He is listed as "D.C." at Dr.David's funeral 1903.
"Timothy Humphreys, Glenstal" was on the Murroe New Church committee 1903-04 [Tierney, 1966].
In the local elections due on 3 June 1908, he is listed as an outgoing District Councillor for Glenstal. See item in Freemans Journal, April 13, 1908.
At meeting of Limerick Guardians, Wed 10th Feb 1909, a vote of sympathy was passed for him on the death of his mother, vote proposed by "Miss Barrington" [Limerick Leader, Wed 10th Feb 1909].
Frances Tierney said the Humphrys were very friendly with their landlords the Barringtons, could get anything from them. She said Sir Charles Barrington, 5th Baronet was a very good landlord.
In [Deed, 1909] Tim surrenders part of his holding at Glenstal, in consideration of getting new holding of part of Coolnahila, Abington par.
Frances Tierney said Tim was great friends with her father John Egan. She remembered one day c.1910 with her father, met Tim, went into "The Hurlers" pub, Dublin Road, Limerick. "I couldn't get them out".

They are listed in 1911 census at Glenstal. Spelt "Humphrys". The daughters are not present. They have 2 farm servants living with them.
Glenstal House is listed in 1911 census as having 8 rooms, 9 windows in front of house. It has 8 outbuildings - 1 stable, 2 cow houses, 1 calf house, 2 piggeries, 1 fowl house and 1 shed. It shows Tim as apparently the owner of the land (not just renting).
At dau's marriage in Jan 1921 he is farmer, living Glenstal.
The landlord Barrington left Glenstal Castle after the daughter of the 5th Baronet was killed in the War of Independence on 14 May 1921.
"T. Humphreys, Glenstal" was at funeral of Matthew McCoy Feb 1922.
At dau's marriage in Sept 1922 he is farmer, living Glenstal.
Humphrey Langan remembered Tim, said he wore a bowler hat, "a very quiet sort of man".

Fred Faulkner had a story from his mother Bridget O'Brien. She said Tim was a small little man, used wear black bowler hat, "hot tempered". As D.C. around the early 1920s, Tim voted in his relation Bridget O'Brien as district nurse for Pallas. Her brother Mick O'Brien was an IRA man, and this helped. Tim organised all the votes for her. The council got into a fist fight afterwards. The defeated candidate had no IRA connections. Her father made a strike at Tim, fight ensued.

Timmy Humphreys said Tim "traced the Humphrys family back to Wales" but no tree or papers seem to survive.
Bridget died 23 Mar 1926, age 67 yrs.
She was bur Abington, Co.Limerick.
The monks arrived at Glenstal Castle in 1927. It became Glenstal Abbey.

Tim died at Glenstal, 14 Mar 1934, age 79 or 80 yrs (bapt 17 Mar 1854). NOT 1931.
He was bur Abington, Co.Limerick.
See item in Limerick Leader, March 21, 1934.
Death not registered with [GROI] until 1995.
Before cleaning, I read the grave as "1934". The cleaning brought it up as "1931" but this is wrong. Newspaper shows it is 1934.
His grave shows his father as "Humphrys" and when his wife dies he is "Humphrys" but when he dies he is "Humphreys".
Tim and Bridget had issue:

  1. Elsie Humphreys,
    born Ellen Humphrys, Glenstal, 30 Oct 1892 [GROI],
    bapt 31 Oct [Murroe RC par records].
    She is Elsie Humphreys, born Co.Limerick, who is listed with her sister Maud in [Census, 2 April 1911] at St.Mary's Convent, girls' boarding school, Brackvoan, Bruff, Co.Limerick. Though it says she is age 15 (should be age 18).
    Frances Tierney said she was "a great let-out in her day". Her father very fond of her.
    She was French teacher in Channel Islands.
    She met Bill in Lisdoonvarna.
    She is living Glenstal at mar.
    She mar 26 January 1921 to Bill Meagher and had issue.
    They mar at St.Joseph's, Limerick. See mar cert from here.

  2. Jimmy Humphrys,
    of Glenstal,
    James, Jim, born 10th Feb 1894, Glenstal,
    bapt "James J. Humphrys", [Murroe] 14th Feb 1894, sp James Humphrys (must be his uncle Fr.James) and Margaret Collopy.

  3. Maud Humphreys,
    Margaret, Margaret Mary, born Glenstal,
    bapt [Murroe] 25th Dec 1895, sp John Humphrys, Margaret Humphrys.
    She is Maud Humphreys, born Co.Limerick, who is listed with her sister Elsie in [Census, 2 April 1911] at St.Mary's Convent, girls' boarding school, Bruff, Co.Limerick. Though it says she is age 12 (should be age 15).
    She wit her sister's mar 1921. She is living Glenstal.
    She is "farmer", living Glenstal, at mar.
    She mar 27 September 1922, Murroe, to Jack Irwin [John Irwin, son of Michael Irwin, farmer].
    Apparently he is originally of Charleville, Co.Cork].
    At mar he is farmer, living High Mount, Feenagh, Co.Limerick.
    See mar cert from here. It says mar wit by Mabel English though she would only be age 13.
    They lived Feenagh.
    They had issue:

    1. Eileen Irwin.
    2. Timmy Irwin.
    3. Frances Irwin.
    4. Sean Irwin, twin with Maud, died Aug 1991.
    5. Maud Irwin, twin with Sean.
    6. Michael Irwin.
    7. Mabel Irwin.

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