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49 Great Britain St (49 Parnell St), Dublin

Mick Humphrys' old pub, at 49 Great Britain St (later 49 Parnell St), Dublin.

William Humphrys ran the pub here. Listed here in [Thoms, 1890]
Mick Humphrys then took it over. Listed there in [Thoms] 1891 to 1920.
Great Britain St was re-named Parnell St in Oct 1911.
Mick is gone by [Thoms, 1923].

"James Kirwin" is listed there (running a pub) in [Thoms, 1945, p.1088].
The pub is vacant in [Thoms, 1953, p.1091].
The pub was later run by Mick Whelehan. The pub was called "Mick's Bar".
"Michael Whelehan" listed there in [Thoms, 1958, p.805] and [Thoms, 1961, p.170].
The building partially collapsed one night in 1964 (about 3 am on 16 Nov 1964).
The Whelehan family, who lived above the pub, escaped unhurt. They moved out, but the pub continued.

The pub is now vanished. Site is now Ilac Shopping Centre (opened 1981) and new apartments.


Location of Mick Humphrys' old pub (red cross), 49 Great Britain St (49 Parnell St), Dublin.
On 1887 to 1913 map.

Location of 49 Great Britain St.
2nd building to the right of Horseman's Row.
Ordnance Survey of Ireland map. Date modified: 1891. From here.

Mick Humphrys letterhead, from 49 Great Britain St, in 1902.
From [P106/166]. See full size.

Location of Mick's old pub in [Thom's, 1914].

Mick Humphrys letterhead, from 49 Parnell St, in 1919.
From [P106/166]. See full size.

The pub when it was "Mick's Bar" (Mick Whelehan's) in the 1950s-60s.
This is before the collapse in 1964.
Photo courtesy of Kevin Whelehan.

The building collapse in 1964.
From Evening Herald, 16 Nov 1964.
See full page article.

The pub re-opened after the collapse in 1964.
See full size. Photo courtesy of Kevin Whelehan.

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