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Mick Humphrys

This must be Mick Humphrys (front) and his wife Annie (RHS) marked on this group photo of c.1900.
Also marked are Dr. David Humphreys and his wife Nell.
This is [P106/474].
Most of the people in the photo are unidentified. This does NOT look like Quinsborough.
See wider and full size.

Mick Humphrys,
bapt 9th June 1859, Murroe, Co.Limerick.
He went to Dublin. Ran a pub in Dublin.

Pub at 49 Great Britain St (Parnell St), Dublin:
Mick ran a pub at 49 Great Britain St (later 49 Parnell St), Dublin.
"Michael Humphrys", family grocer, and tea, wine and spirit merchant, listed there in [Thoms] 1891 to 1920.
He took over the pub from William Humphrys.
He wit his brother Dr.David's marriage settlement, and marriage, Dublin, 1895.
At mar he is grocer, Great Britain St.

He mar 1stly, 27 October 1896, to Annie O'Shaughnessy [Anne, born 1868, Dublin, NOT Angela].
She is listed as "Annie" on grave and in census.
She was dau of Thomas O'Shaughnessy, fish merchant.
See Thomas O'Shaughnessy, fish factor, listed at 31 Upper Dominick St, Dublin, in [Thom's, 1894, p.1398].
They mar at St.Michan's RC church, Dublin. See mar cert from here. They were mar by his brother Fr. James Humphrys. At mar Annie is living Upper Dominick St.

Listed as grocer, 49 Great Britain St, at children's births, bapts, deaths 1897-1898.
He is listed in 1901 census at 49 Great Britain St. His nephews Tim and Jim and Ned Lloyd are there with him as assistants.
[P106/166] has letters from him, 1902-1919.
He registered Dr.David's death, London, 1903.
When his brother Dr.David's widow Nell and her children came to Dublin in 1909 he was the only relative they had there.
He lived over this pub for many years.
He is listed in April 1911 census at 49 Great Britain St. His nephew Jack is there with him as assistant.
Great Britain St was re-named Parnell St in Oct 1911.
Annie's grave lists them as of "49 Parnell St" in 1915.

Annie dies, 1915:
Annie died 4 Mar 1915, age 47 yrs, bur Glasnevin Cemetery.
Mick is still at 49 Parnell St at mar in 1919. He is widower, publican.

He mar 2ndly, 26 February 1919, to Angela O'Shaughnessy [born 1880].
She was dau of Thomas O'Shaughnessy, "salesmaster".
Looks like she was sister of his 1st wife.
They mar at St.Mary's RC church, Lucan, Co.Dublin. See mar cert from here. She is living Allenswood, Lucan.
Marriage conducted by Fr. John Coffey. Mar wit by Mick's nephew Edward Lloyd (who had worked with Mick).

Pub at 81 Dame St, Dublin:
Mick then owned and ran a pub at 81 Dame St, Dublin, that is now called "The Oak".
It would have been called Humphrys' pub when he ran it.
"Michael Humphrys" listed there in [Thoms] from 1923 on (still called "Humphrys" pub after his death).
His surname, spelt "Humphrys" (the old way), is in a tiled floor at the door of the pub, dating from c.1923. He is usually "Humphrys" though some records have "Humphreys".
He moved to 81 Dame St think in 1922 or earlier, because when his nephew Dick Humphreys first set up in business as O'Mara's Rubber Co., by agreement dated 9th Oct 1922, he located at 79 Dame St, two doors away from where his uncle already was.
He was close to his brother Dr.David's family, but sadly they fell out over politics over the Civil War (1922-23). Mick was Free State, his brother's family were strong Republicans.
Apparently the top part of 81 Dame St was destroyed during the Civil War, had to be re-built.
Mick is listed as having a separate residence to the pub.
He is listed as living 29 North Circular Rd in [Thoms] from 1923 on.
However his grave says he died "at his residence" 81 Dame St.
He used to hunt with Langans.
[Mary Frawley, née Humphreys] remembered a story that Mick "saved a child" from the Proselytisers (Protestant missionaries who offered food to the Catholic poor if they would convert). Some Catholic organisation presented him with a watch.
He might be "M. Humphreys" who was present with other vintners at Alderman Flanagan's funeral 1931.

Mick dies, 1934:
He died at 81 Dame St, Fri 25 May 1934, age 74 yrs.
See death notice in Irish Independent, Saturday, May 26, 1934.
Funeral Mon 28 May 1934, bur Glasnevin Cemetery.
See funeral report (and title) in Irish Times, May 29, 1934.
Funeral list in Irish Press, Tue 29 May 1934.
See funeral report in Irish Times, June 2, 1934.

Angela kept the pub running. She continued to live at 81 Dame St.
81 Dame St is still called "Michael Humphrys" pub in [Thom's, 1938].
She would be "Mrs. Michael Humphreys" who sent message of sympathy at Nell's death 1939.

Angela dies, 1940:
Angela died at 81 Dame St, 10 Sept 1940, age 60 yrs.
She was bur Glasnevin Cemetery.
See death cert from here. She is "widow of a vintner". Death registered by Mick's niece Mary Lloyd.
Mick had issue by his 1st wife Annie:

  1. Margaret Humphrys,
    Margaret Ester Humphrys, born 13 April 1897, 49 Great Britain St.
    See birth cert from here.
    This is less than 6 months after parents' marriage. Does not necessarily mean mother was pregnant at marriage. This is just about within the range of a premature birth, though unlikely.
    She was bapt 13 April 1897 [Pro-Cathedral, Dublin]. See images part 1 and part 2. Baptised by Mick's brother Fr. James Humphrys.
    Bapt was sp by Margaret Humphrys (unidentified, various possibilities) and Christopher Rooney.
    She died 11 Nov 1898, 49 Great Britain St, age 19 months.
    See death cert from here.

  2. James Humphrys,
    James Mary Humphrys, born 22 August 1898, 49 Great Britain St.
    See birth cert from here.
    He was bapt 26 August 1898 [Pro-Cathedral, Dublin]. See images part 1 and part 2. Bapt sp by Christopher Newman and Jane Rooney.
    He died 15 Sept 1898, 49 Great Britain St, age 24 days.
    See death cert from here.

  3. (2 or 3 other children) Humphrys.
    1901 census lists no children alive.
    1911 census says they had 5 children born alive (in 1896-1911) all of whom were dead by 1911.
    Grave says "in memory of .. 4 of their children who died young".
    Can't find any more births or deaths in [GROI].
    The other 2 or 3 children may be unnamed stillbirths.

Tiled floor with Mick Humphrys' name.
At the door of "The Oak" pub, Dame St, Dublin.
Photo 2007.

Mick Humphrys' grave, Glasnevin

Mick Humphrys' grave, Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.
Location: vC 10.5, Section: DUBLIN.

Mick Humphrys' grave.
Photo 2014. See full size.
See close-up.
See wider shot showing location.

Mick Humphrys' grave (small cross on RHS, marked with pink square) on street view.
Click through to see location.

Location on satellite view (pink square).

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